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Couldn't Let it Go, Could They?


sad…they’ll probably glamorize her life too…have little girls wanting to be more like her

That’s what we need, to set up a porn star as a tradgic role model.

How crappy movies are made, item one.

Her teeth kinda freak me out

Thats just fucking great!

Teach more women to do nothing more than lay on their back while a senior citizen tries to have his way with them, and get paid big time for it.


How disgusting was Anna nicole and her entire life? Yet, they are going to make a movie of it as if to teach this thought process to future women?

This life fucking sucks! Anyone that watched one episode of her show knows what a waste of air she was, and her inheritance was a waste of every fucking thing known to man!

Can someone please contemplate a devise for me that rivals the up-evils of Anna Nicole’s life? Because I hate everything. Yes, I am angry!

I personally am having trouble coming up with a demise…slit wrist, nicteine overdoes, everything seems to pale in capomparison to the lifestyle Anna lived, wheeling her wheelchair bound millionaire husband through jewelry stores to pick out her shit while he was dying. Fucking whore.

But yea, lets make a movie about her.


[quote]playmaker08 wrote:
Her teeth kinda freak me out[/quote]

Gum to teeth ratio is too high

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