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Couldn't have put it better myself.

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Source: Counterpunch
Published: April 22, 2003 Author: WAYNE MADSEN
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Bush’s “Christian” Blood Cult
Concerns Raised by the Vatican


George W. Bush proclaims himself a born-again Christian. However, Bush and fellow self-anointed neo-Christians like House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, John Ashcroft, and sports arena Book of Revelations carnival hawker Franklin Graham appear to wallow in a “Christian” blood lust cult when it comes to practicing the teachings of the founder of Christianity. This cultist form of Christianity, with its emphasis on death rather than life, is also worrying the leaders of mainstream Christian religions, particularly the Pope.

One only has to check out Bush’s record as Governor of Texas to see his own preference for death over life. During his tenure as Governor, Bush presided over a record setting 152 executions, including the 1998 execution of fellow born-again Christian Karla Faye Tucker, a convicted murderer who later led a prison ministry. Forty of Bush’s executions were carried out in 2000, the year the Bush presidential campaign was spotlighting their candidate’s strong law enforcement record. The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen reported in October 2000 that one of the execution chamber’s “tie-down team” members, Fred Allen, had to prepare so many people for lethal injections during 2000, he quit his job in disgust.

Bush mocked Tucker’s appeal for clemency. In an interview with Talk magazine, Bush imitated Tucker’s appeal for him to spare her life - pursing his lips, squinting his eyes, and in a squeaky voice saying, “Please don’t kill me.” That went too far for former GOP presidential candidate Gary Bauer, himself an evangelical Christian. “I think it is nothing short of unbelievable that the governor of a major state running for president thought it was acceptable to mock a woman he decided to put to death,” said Bauer.

A former Texas Department of Public Safety officer, a devout Roman Catholic, told this reporter that evidence to the contrary, Bush was more than happy to ignore DNA data and documented cases of prosecutorial misconduct to send innocent people to the Huntsville, Texas lethal injection chamber. He said the number of executed mentally retarded, African Americans, and those who committed capital crimes as minors was proof that Bush was insensitive and a “phony Christian.” When faced with similar problems in Illinois, Governor George Ryan, a Republican, commuted the death sentences of his state’s death row inmates and released others after discovering they were wrongfully convicted. Yet the Republican Party is pillorying Ryan and John Ashcroft’s Justice Department continues to investigate the former Governor for political malfeasance as if Bush and Ashcroft are without sin in such matters. Hypocrisy certainly rules in the Republican Party.

Bush’s blood lust has been extended across the globe. He has given the CIA authority to assassinate those deemed a threat to U.S. national interests. Bush has virtually suspended Executive Orders 11905 (Gerald Ford), 12306 (Jimmy Carter), and 12333 (Ronald Reagan) which prohibit the assassination of foreign leaders. Bush’s determination to kill Saddam Hussein, his family, and his top leaders with precision-guided missiles and tactical nuclear weapon-like Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bombs is yet another indication of Bush’s disregard for his Republican and Democratic predecessors. It now appears that in his zeal to kill Hussein, innocent civilian patrons of a Baghdad restaurant were killed by one of Bush’s precision Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs). Like it or not, Saddam Hussein was recognized by over 100 nations as the leader of Iraq – a member state of the United Nations. Hussein, like North Korea’ Kim Jong Il, Syria’s Bashir Assad, and Iran’s Mohammed Khatami, are covered by Executive Order 12333, which the Bush mouthpieces claim is still in effect. Bush’s “Christian” blood cult sees no other option than death for those who become his enemies. This doctrine is found no place in Christian theology.

Bush has not once prayed for the innocent civilians who died as a result of the U.S. attack on Iraq. He constantly “embeds” himself with the military at Goebbels-like speech fests and makes constant references to God when he refers to America’s “victory” in Iraq, as if God endorses his sordid killing spree. He makes no mention of the children, women, and old men killed by America’s “precision-guided” missiles and bombs and trigger-happy U.S. troops. In fact, Bush revels in indiscriminate blood letting. Since he never experienced such killing in Southeast Asia, when he was AWOL from his Texas Air National Guard unit, Bush just does not seem to understand the horror of a parent watching one’s children having their heads and limbs blown off in a sudden blast of shrapnel or children witnessing their parents burning to death with their own body fat nurturing the flames.

Bush and his advisers, previously warned that Iraq’s ancient artifacts and collection of historical documents and books were in danger of being looted or destroyed, instead, sat back while the Baghdad and Mosul museums and Baghdad Library were ransacked and destroyed. Cult leaders have historically attempted to destroy history in order to invent their own. The Soviets tried to obliterate Russia’s Orthodox traditions, turning a number of churches into warehouses and animal barns. Cambodia’s Pol Pot tried to wipe out Buddhism’s famed Angkor Wat shrine in an attempt to stamp out his country’s Buddhist history. In March 2001, while they were negotiating with the Bush administration on a natural gas pipeline, Afghanistan’s Taliban blew up two massive 1600-year old Buddhas in Bamiyan. The Bush administration, itself run by fanatic religious cultists, barely made a fuss about the loss of the relics. It would not be the first time the cultists within the Bush administration ignored the pillaging of history’s treasures.

The ransacking of Iraq’s historical treasures is explainable when one considers what the blood cult Christians really think about Islam. Franklin Graham, the heir to the empire built up by his anti-Semitic father, Billy Graham, has decided being anti-Muslim is far more financially rewarding than being anti-Jewish. Billy Graham, history notes from the Nixon tapes, complained about the Jewish stranglehold on the media and Jews being responsible for pornography.

Franklin Graham continues to enjoy his father’s unfettered and questionable access to the White House. But in the case of Bush, the younger Graham has a fanatic adherent. Graham has called Islam a “very evil and wicked” religion. He then announces he wants to go to Iraq. Graham obviously sees an opportunity to convert Muslims and unrepentant Eastern Christians, who owe their allegiance to Roman and Greek prelates, to his perverted form of blood cult Christianity. Graham says he is ready to send his Samaritan’s Purse missionaries into Iraq to provide assistance. Muslims and mainstream Christians are wary that Graham wants to exchange food, water, and medicine for the baptism of Iraqis into his intolerant brand of Christianity. In the last Gulf War, Graham could not get away with his chicanery. The Desert Storm Commander, General Norman Schwarzkopf, stopped dead in the tracks Graham’s plan to send 30,000 Arabic language Bibles to U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia. Today’s Pentagon shows no such compunction to put a rein on Graham. It invited him to give a Good Friday sermon at the Pentagon to the consternation of the Defense Department’s Muslim employees. To make matters worse, under Bush’s “Faith Based Initiative,” Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse stands to receive U.S. government funds for its proselytizing efforts in Iraq, something that should be an affront to every American taxpayer.

Bush’s self-proclaimed adherence to Christianity (during one of the presidential debates he said Jesus Christ was his favorite “philosopher”) and his constant reference to a new international structure bypassing the United Nations system and long-standing international treaties are worrying the top leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. Well-informed sources close to the Vatican report that Pope John Paul II is growing increasingly concerned about Bush’s ultimate intentions. The Pope has had experience with Bush’s death fetish. Bush ignored the Pope’s plea to spare the life of Karla Faye Tucker. To show that he was similarly ignorant of the world’s mainstream religions, Bush also rejected an appeal to spare Tucker from the World Council of Churches - an organization that represents over 350 of the world’s Protestant and Orthodox Churches. It did not matter that Bush’s own Methodist Church and his parents’ Episcopal Church are members of the World Council.

Bush’s blood lust, his repeated commitment to Christian beliefs, and his constant references to “evil doers,” in the eyes of many devout Catholic leaders, bear all the hallmarks of the one warned about in the Book of Revelations - the anti-Christ. People close to the Pope claim that amid these concerns, the Pontiff wishes he was younger and in better health to confront the possibility that Bush may represent the person prophesized in Revelations. John Paul II has always believed the world was on the precipice of the final confrontation between Good and Evil as foretold in the New Testament. Before he became Pope, Karol Cardinal Wojtyla said, “We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of the American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel.” The Pope, who grew up facing the evils of Hitler and Stalin, knows evil when he sees it. Although we can all endlessly argue over the Pope’s effectiveness in curtailing abuses within his Church, his accomplishments external to Catholicism are impressive.

According to journalists close to the Vatican, the Pope and his closest advisers are also concerned that the ultimate acts of evil - the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon - were known in advance by senior Bush administration officials. By permitting the attacks to take their course, there is a perception within the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy that a coup d’etat was implemented, one that gave Bush and his leadership near-dictatorial powers to carry out their agenda.

The Pope worked tirelessly to convince leaders of nations on the UN Security Council to oppose Bush’s war resolution on Iraq. Vatican sources claim they had not seen the Pope more animated and determined since he fell ill to Parkinson’s Disease. In the end, the Pope did convince the leaders of Mexico, Chile, Cameroon, and Guinea to oppose the U.S. resolution. If one were to believe in the Book of Revelations, as the Pope fervently does, he can seek solace in scoring a symbolic victory against the Bush administration. Whether Bush represents a dangerous right-wing ideologue who couples his political fanaticism with a neo-Christian blood cult (as I believe) or he is either the anti-Christ or heralds one, the Pope should know he has fought the good battle and has gained the respect and admiration of many non-Catholics around the world. "

Damn, I copy pasted this just before I reached those last two paragraphs that ruin the whole thing. Poor pope is getting senile. That’s what you get for being impatient…

Still, I’m more and more convinced that Bush is a blood seeking sociopath. I fear for all of us. The bastard is now giving dealines for the solution of Kashmir conflit by India and Pakistan. Or what? You’ll kill more innocents? Is he trying the surpass the amount of caualties caused by the Nazis?


You didn’t happen to catch the series about Saddam Hussein on the History channel Sunday, did you?

I’m a non-Christian from Texas who very strongly supports the death penalty, as the vast majority of Texans do. Hell, if you don’t like stay away.

As far as that silly article goes, you have to understand that a Texas govenor CANNOT prevent an execution. All a govenor can do is issue a one-time 30 day reprieve. That’s it. The reason there were so many executions while Bush was in office is because all of the appeals for these scumbags were FINALLY coming to an end. It was coincidence that Bush was in office at the time.

Actually, there are reports that “high-ranking” administration officials were warned of an impending attack on the US, possibly even Bush himself. The implication being that administration officials failed to act on tipsin a way that might have prevented (or at least minimized) the massive damage.

There is a 9-11 investigative commission that wants access to classified 9-11 documents, and the Bush administration is trying block them from seeing these documents, including documents that have already been seen… “re-classify” these documents. Why? Is there something to hide there? How can 9-11 be investigated and understood (and future 9-11s prevented) when inside information is being suppressed?

So the proposal that “Bush knew” about impending attacks ahead of time, is not far-fetched.

On an semi-related note (Christians and Iraq) there are evangelists headed to Iraq to try to convert Iraqis into Christians. I find that repulsive. Why can’t some people respect other peoples’ religious beliefs?


This whole article is bs and one sided. The person writing it seems to have no knowledge of the Christian faith and is clearly biased against President Bush. Basically…its rubbish.
Why you choose to pollute the forum with this is beyond me…

So typical of the vatican - preach all-righteousness, mercy, forgiveness, while ignoring the fact they prosecuted and killed in some of the most cruel ways known to me anyone who opposed their religion. They persecuted you, put you up on a cross downtown for everybody to see, and burned you alive while you begged for mercy. You didnt have weapons of mass destruction. You didnt pose a threat to anybody's life whatsoever. Yet they went ahead and killed you in an horrific way to promote their agenda.

  Bush is not on a killing spree, nor is he trying to kill innocents. War is war, and our military did a historical effort in trying to preserve the lives of innocent. However,war is still war, and there will always be casualties. Their leader was given countless warnings, and plenty of opportunities to stay in power, and spare his people from the horrors of war. He didnt.

  This is not an issue of religion. Dont mix politics with religion. I, for exmple am a christian, and it doesnt mean i take the bible word for word. Ill do whatever needs to be done as I understand it, not as someone who hasnt had sex in 80 years understands it, with no kids and no wife, whose priests rape little girls and call them scumbags, who refused to do shit for the church in the US when asked for help, understands it.

  Bush is doing his job not the vatican's job. If we hadnt ridden the world of Hitler, would we have been better off? No. Evil dictators who pose a threat, and have been playing long enough with our warnings have but one way to be deal with: take their ass off, and MAKE them do the right thing. They wouldve done it 10 years ago if they wanted to. It doesnt take that long to inventory your weapons, and get rid of those not allowed by the UN.

Restless, do you work out?

Restless, I despise you. I seriously do, and I haven’t even met you. Do you have any life outside of hating the U.S and George W.

Was there a point to the post you made. I love your constant comparisons to George W. and Goebbels, Hitler, etc. The U.S being compared to Nazi Germany is funny also.

I've wasted enough time responding to you. I don't know why I did in the first place. Restless you are quickly taking Nathan Say's place as the Off-Topic's most annoying.

God Bless America and George W. Bush.

Kiss my beautiful ass Restless, you America hating piece of crap.



Catholics have been persecuted for centuries throughout the world. Granted the Crusades, and other instances of Catholic atrocities are detestable they actually pail in comparision to the slaughter of Catholics throughout our history. Also the Vatican has done more for peace and humanity than you can possibly fathom. Furthermore the percentage of Priest who have commited hanious crimes against childern(molestation/sodomy) are less then the percentage of lay people who commit these acts. This is in no way a defense of the actions of these man but you must realize priest are fallable, they are human.

To Restless,

Personally I am against the death penalty, I feel it is not a deterant it is pure vengenance. I also don’t believe the state should be allowed to take something away it cannot give back, ie. life. Texans however believe in the death penalty whole heartedly, and if Bush’s constituents are in favor of the death penalty Gov. Bush was obligied to support the death penalty.

If you have a long article, either post a link or start a thread and put the article in the second post. This goes for everyone. Perhaps we can all unite behind at least one cause.


I think this link is a great way to put this in perspective:


If you don’t want to read it, I can sum it up by saying that if you saw/read 'The Lord of the Rings’the orcs aren’t murderous and bloodthirsty, they’re just oppressed by the self-righteous elves, hobbits, and humans. Clearly, this isn’t the spin Tolkein intended to put on it, but it works. In that vein, Restless, I feel obligated to criticize you for putting up an article that is almost 99% opinion (Sure, he is the ‘record-holding’ governor and there has been conjecture as to his stance on the general policy of assassination, but how you interpret those facts is merely opinion.). As far as hiding the fact that they knew about 9/11? If you told me on 9/10 that the Twin towers wouldn’t be there tomorrow, I would have laughed in your face. If you told me hijacked planes were going to be used to do it, I would have said you’d read too many Tom Clancy novels (they are fiction, as in not true). Now, if it happened and it got out that you knew, people could falsely hold you responsible. In that vein, why shouldn’t we put Clancy under a microscope, or anyone who has tried to crash a plane into the White House. It’s really easy to point the finger after the fact. Maybe if Clinton hadn’t cut funding to the CIA, some of the hijackers would have been rounded up before any of this could have happened.

BTW- Restless, the catholic church has no place criticizing anyone for bloodlust.

“PHHHBBT. You can use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true.” -Homer (Simpson, Homer Simpson)

Restless is an idiot. Having said that, I am not sure we should have invaded Iraq. To risk American lives and treasure, I want to see a “clear and present danger”. The latest spin from the admin. that “he was really bad, and now the Iraqi people are free” does not cut it. The world is full of states run by assholes. So what? American lives are worth more than other lives. It is not our job to free the world. I hope we see some clear cut WMD stuff soon. As for Bush, I am very nervous to have a Jesus freak in the White House. For me, religion is nothing more than superstition used to control and frighten people. Oh yeah, and to convince them to kill. And speaking of killing, murder rates in states with the death penalty are about the same as for states without. As an added bonus – this is what I find really chilling - since 1973, 107 people in 25 states have been released from death row, after new evidence proved their innocence. Once you kill somebody, you can’t take it back. I have no sympathy for the guilty, but what must it be like to sit on death row, knowing you are innocent?

Thank you, huck.

I ain’t bein’ sarcastic either. I really mean it.

Huck, I gotta argue with you on the death penalty issue. Gov. George Ryan granted blanket clemency to death row inmates this year in IL so there has been a lot of discussion on this topic. Two of the death row inmates were convicted of cutting an unborn child from a mother’s womb, killing them both. ASSUMING the right people were caught and convicted, our government has the responsibility to a)reform them into citizens of more normal moral fiber or b)execute them. We can’t house them all and personally, I believe any governing body that claims to be able to succeed at “converting” people like the two mentioned should be feared in the extreme. Anyone that can convince large amounts of behaviorally inept people to behave normally would have an iron-clad grip on the rest of civilization.

However, I do agree (somewhat) with the idea that American lives are worth more than others. I don’t beleive it’s strictly “American lives”, but my issue is this. What are your thoughts of the idea that “all men are created equal” (Maybe this should be its own thread)?

Wait, are you people serious when you say that American lives are worth more than others?

That is, quite literally, the worst statement I have ever heard come out of someones mouth. Morally, philsophically, religiously, and just intelligently, that makes me want to puke.

Rumbach: for some strange, odd reason I thought when huck said: “American lives are worth more than other lives.” that there was a typo. That he really meant for a ? and not a period.

If not and he really meant that statement. Yes, pretty insane.

I hope Huck meant to say exactly what he said. I value American servicemen’s lives more than Iraqi, Somali, or Bosnian lives, in the same way I value my family member’s lives more than anyone elses.

 What are you thinking. Really.

 The life of an iraqi is worth exactly the same as an american life, an african life, a chinese life, a vietnamese life, a french life (yeah I know pretty sad).

 The life of a poor is worth the same as the life of a rich. The life of a colored individual is worth the same as a white individual. There is nothing about us americans that makes us more worthy of life. To think so is the most despicable thing I can think of. I just lost my complete and utmost respect for the 2 individuals on this forum who posted these thoughts. You two are insane.

 I wouldve understood if the meaning of that sentence was, the lives of americans are worth more TO US. Because we're americans, we naturally care more about our own than about our enemy. That's understandable. Just dont say we are more worthy of being alive than anyone else period.