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Couldn't Complete Workout - Try Tomorrow?

I just started Chad Waterbury’s Total Body Training workout. Today was day 3 with the 2x15 for six exercises and I left with two to go because I was going to pass out. I got through squats, knee-ups, dips, and bent over rows but couldnt get to standing military press and calf raises.

So should I go back tomorrow and finish? I feel like I owe it to my delts.

I think I have just never done sets of 15 in my life, and starting with squats knocked me off my game from the start.

Or, maybe it was that I stopped at chipotle about 30-45 minutes before working out and knocked down 48 grams of protein mixed in a 32 oz gatorade during the workout.

you think one or both of these could account for my poor showing today?

I don’t know, I doubt I’d be chowing back food before serious workout.

You may want to drop the weight a little next time you do 15’s, so that you can complete the whole thing, but it’s okay if it is hard work.

Probably should’ve taken the protein & gatorade a little earlier and with more water to speed absorbtion.

Also, you could find a stretching mat and just lie down for 5-10 minutes to allow full recovery and keep going. The goal for next workout would be to complete it without the little stretching mat power nap.