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Could Younger People Need Less HCG?


I’m thinking that the hCG dose, (875 IU/week) recommended here may be too high for people in their 20s.

I see on sites with younger clientele that they are more for 200-250IU twice a week(400-500 total).

My theory is that, younger people’s testicles are more receptive to the LH analogue so there is more of a response, meaning younger people have more of a testosterone boost and aromatisation, if they are not primary.

I am 23, and struggling to control estrogen with that dose. Ever since I have started, 5 months ago, it has not been a smooth ride. I have always taken hcg 250 EOD. I have increased my A.I dose but my estrogen has come back higher, which makes me wonder if the pills I have are dud. I think I will move down to 150 IU EOD. Anyway…


125 IU of HCG every 3.5 days does the trick for me coupled with the 40mg test cyp every 3.5 days.

I used to do 250 IU every 3.5 days but found it was too much for me.

I’m 35 btw.


If you want to be sure to maintain fertility you want to do at least 3x a week EOD best. You can to less like 150 or 200 each time if u think 250 to much.
Then to be certain you can get semen analysis after about 2 months. If you just wanted to keep testicles “alive” then you may get away doing 2x a week.

Also ik what you mean about HCG side affects . I did 3 injection’s and got all the horrible sides from it. I only do T now and still trying to figure out if I can live with a e2 of 30 or play with ai.
In my case though I am not concerned with fertility. Am 41.


BRAD8266 what would be 125 IU HCG measured on a 1ML sized Syringe? does that Equate too 0.1ML just asking as i am HCG and want too Try that Dose also. Thanks Danny