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Could You Tell Me Where This is From?


I'm sorry but I don't know where else to ask....does anyone know where this picture is from?

I saved it when I saw it as someone's facebook profile pic and then tried a reverse image search but got nothing.




It's from a cartoon called Symbiotic Titan.

Screw you guys, I have kids.


Hey! I have a kid too (well, he's 18 now).

I LOLd because that character looks like Nards.


It seems you've inspired a comic :smiley:


...and we all know what YOU inspire deb :wink:


Only good things I hope ... :wink:


I swear I was thinking the exact same thing! LOL!


Actually that's why I saved it. Thanks for your help Mr. Mad HORSE!


haha! x2

Nicely found Nards =)


Dear Nards,

I love you.


I found him, his name is Octus, a robot. He's decribed thusly: " a blocky shaped humanoid that takes on the physical appearance of a nerdy teen"

So true.




For rrjc5488


Hah, it's uncanny really.

You really should get that put on to a shirt Nards :wink:


That's a good looking redhead too.


Meh, a bit more chin than I would like but I'd still smash I guess.

And she looks a bit clingy.


All chicks that meet me get clingy.


This looks like one of those stories about twins separated at birth....


I could give you synopsis, but I can't bring myself to do it.

Too... Much... Animation!!