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Could You Run 150 Miles in 34 Hours?

He may not be a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, but this guys is still pretty amazing.


Attitude is everything.

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the guy with the nickname ‘ultramarathon man’ is pretty impressive too along the same lines

off topic, but…
Has anybody else noticed that they suck at running the heavier they get?
I was on cross country last year at 145. I’m nearing 190 now and I can outsprint most people, but after 1/2 a mile I get tired and people catch up.

Also, my shins hurt when I run for some reason.

Yeah, Goggins is a major monster.

That is all.

And yeah, the heavier I get the worse I suck at distances greater than 1 mile. But I always sucked at it pretty terribly anyway. Real terribly. Put a basketball or something in front of me and I get better.