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Could You Put a Price on Human Life?


Could you kill someone for a certain amount of money? There was a hitman here in Detroit named Vincent Smothers who killed mainly drug dealers and crime witnesses for cash. He killed 7 people and was paid between $5000 and $15000 per hit. He got $60,000 total. You can google the name to find out more.

As bad as im struggling financially, for $5000 and especially $15000, I probably would do it if given the opportunity.

And then I read about this man who insulted Islam named Salman Rushdie by writing a book called the Satanic Verses. An iranian group is offering $150,000 for his death. I could definitely say without a shadow of a doubt I would do the deed for 150 grand.

Its not that im cold hearted, just that in this world where the almighty dollar is worshipped, I just value the money that much!

I know some of you will have bad opinions but thats the way it is


Human life has no value.

There I said it.


5 grand for risking life in jail? Fuck that, what a dumbass.


Ooooooh. He said it!



Exactly. Not only is he a bad person, he's a stupid one to boot.


5k to 15k no thanks... however, for 15k you can hire someone else for 5k and pocket 10k... w00t...


I may be able to kill a bum for $1 million if the bum told me he'd forgive me.


You're in luck clip.

I know those Islams and I know where that guy who insults them is located. The only thing is the location is not in this country. So I am not sure if you can afford the trip? If you suck cock for the almighty dollar you might be able to find a way to pay for the trip? Try the local rest stops in your area and build up a bank roll.


Human life has very little value, to some of us, the consequences of jail are often the only thing from keeping us from killing people. Would I kill someone for $5k, unlikely, risk vs. reward does not look favorable, for a higher dollar value maybe.


Depends on the person needing killed. Are we talking about the lady who strangled her son, revived him them buried him? I'd kill her for a box of ammo, fuck that, I wouldn't waste the lead, just pistol whip her to death for free.
If you're talking about the average person on the street who has done nothing wrong then there is no amount of money worth taking a life.


The police here are so bad, they only solve 30% of homicides. And Vincent Smothers wouldnt have got caught had he not confessed to the killings. They didnt have any evidence on him other than his own admission.


It's no fun when you add variables :frowning:


If someone is willing to pay $15,000 for them to be dead, they done did something to piss someone off.


In fact the street where Vincent Smothers made his first kill is the street my ex girlfriend and her people stay on.


I see no one has said yet that they wouldnt do it for $150k!


did you just make a thread about slandering biblical figures?

youll kill someone for 5 grand but god is off limits?

youre a fuckin clown


I wouldn't kill someone until I thought my life was being threatened. Some might say that once I'm threatened, it's too late. I would rather be late then kill another human life though.


So, you're just picking and choosing which commandments you care about ?

3, do not take the Lords name in vain.(talking to you Family Guy)

5, thou shall not kill.


It's funny, in construction zones here in Michigan there's signs that read:

"Injure or kill a worker = $7500 + 15 Years"

So I guess that means in Michigan the price is $7500 a head...in terms of you wanting to do it for $5000 means you're getting underpaid bro.

Since when did the Department of Transportation decide to put a price tag on life?

Pretty funny...


The fact that he confessed to the killings should speak volumes. Obviously money doesn't make up for guilt and sanity.