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Could You Give Me Tips On My Diet Please?


I’ve been training for just 6 months now and I don’t know if my diet’s good for bulking. 55.1kg-56.4kg and 5’6 feet
Breakfast: Shreddies with 200ml of semi skimmed milk with a banana and a protein shake.
Lunch: Sweet potato. Or if I’m late for college I grab a muffin from the cafeteria and a pint of milk.
Dinner: On weekdays its just chicken/fish with basmati or brown rice. And on weekends I basically eat what my dad cooks me. Today is hotdogs with fried onions.

How Do You Weigh Out Food without the Scale?

Go to the articles section of this website and follow a plan. If you’re in college, I’m assuming you have a job and some money. In that case go buy bulk oats, bulk white rice, bulk ground meat, bulk frozen veggies, and lots of eggs.

4eggs, 1cup oats for breakfast with a glass of whole milk.

500g Ground meat, 1cup white rice, 1cup veggies for lunch.

Dinner same as lunch.

if it is a workout day: Add 1cup oats with 2 scoops of protein 1 hr before your workout.

Cheap and easy to cook/prepare. Adjust according to weight gain/loss.


Its different in the U.K I’m 17, college here is school in America I’m sure. I don’t have a job and have no money.


What changes would you be willing to make to your diet under these circimstances?


Ask my dad to get me oats for the weekend and chicken.


Go do that.


I’m going to have hot dogs today but I won’t have it next time.


My dad just came in and told me. “You’ve got to eat what I cook you”


Which is fair.

I’m wondering why you are 17 and have no job? Are you willing to get a job to buy your own food?


I’m looking for a job as of right now. But I don’t know sometimes he makes something healthy, then he makes something unhealthy. I also don’t know how to count how much he’s using for calories and macros.


Did you offer to do the cooking and cleaning? That’s how I ended up eating what I wanted. Good way to learn some independence for when you move out too.

Laundry is another valuable skill.


Good ideas.


I think it’s good to have some junk food into a diet imo.


I’d ditch the shreddies for breakfast, most breakfast cereals are just full of crap.

Aim to get protein, good carbs and healthy fats with each meal.

As littlesleeper said above try to get some oats into a protein shake before your workout. As you’re in the UK, Google myprotein and get some instant oats from there. It’s just oats that have been ground into flour and it’s really cheap. Something like £10 for 5Kg. You can just add the to a shake and it makes it nice and thick.

Go to your local butcher and ask them if they do deals on 5Kg of chicken breasts. It’s usually about £20-£24 which works out about £1 to £1.40 per breast. Cook them in bulk on a weekend and freeze them in bags of 2 then it’s easy the night before just to take them out and have them ready for the next day for hassle free meals.

As for macros etc you don’t need to get obsessive about it; for your protein have an amount equivalent to 2 palms of your hand (thickness and size) as much vegetables as you can, have some healthy fats too like olive oil or chopped nuts (a small amount) about 1 tablespoon, or just don’t remove all the fat from your meat. For carbs start with about 2 cupped handfuls of starchy carbs in the meal after your workout and the same amount of complex carbs in your other meals. Monitor your progress over say 6-8 weeks and see if you’re heading in the direction you want. If you’re growing in the right way (i.e. adding lean mass) keep eating like that. If not add an extra cupped handful of carbs to the meals before and after your workout and monitor again and adjust upwards or downwards in the same manner if necessary. Rinse and repeat.

Just read the extra posts re your Dad. Hahaha he’s right you know. However I’ll give you another tip, if you don’t learn how to cook you’ll have trouble getting the body you want. Perhaps if you learned to cook your dad would be willing to buy the ingredients you want if it means that he going to get a meal cooked for him too :wink:


Re. Junk food, it’s never good to have it in your diet but then eating clean constantly can sometimes feel like a chore. Just aim to make sure 90% of what you eat is on point, then that 10% of processed crap won’t do that much damage.


I do know how to cook, he just won’t let me because he’s bassically telling me to dirty bulk. I know how to steam, fry and bake.


The majority of what you are eating is junk. You already have this part figured out. What is missing is quality protein sources and veggies. Quality carbs would be good too.


He said ‘no you’re not!’ for some reason.


That is unfortunate. Good luck.


I don’t think you should ever dirty bulk. It’s shit for your health and can lead to high blood sugar, poor insulin sensitivity (which = gains of fat and not muscle) and even diabetes along with other things like high blood pressure and obesity. Only guys who are absolutely massive can get away with it because they require so many calories to get into surplus that they have to resort to eating very calorific foods. Eating 6000 calories a day of just clean foods would be very difficult to maintain in the long term as you’d be constantly eating.