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Could you do it?

That is amazing and although we may say “I’d do the same” it is a stunning example of survival and big props to the guy. Sure he probably shouldn’t have been tramping alone but what he did was impressive. For those going WTF? (and that should be nobody) Check out http://www.msnbc.com/news/908232.asp?0si=-&cp1=1

Yep. I could have cut his arm off. No problem.

(I tried to stop myself, I really did.)

Pretty amazing story. The first news reports stated it was a 200 pound rock. I guess even a 200 pounder could do it if it landed on you the wrong way.

I keep asking myself, why didn’t he just move the damn boulder?

Just kidding. I guess the only way you could do it is to know that it’s you or your arm. The arm’s gotta go.

I think all of us could do it in a life or death situation. Our, mind is a powerful thing.

In health,

Silas Chen