Could You Armbar Ronnie Coleman??

I’m gonna say no.

But I’ll heel hook is ass.

Boards No Hit Back
But Ankles do Snap.


(Also:: Caption that picture haha)

id pay a hundred bucks to have Ronnie let me armbar him and him try to get out of it.

“Hi hi… stop it… that tickles…”


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[quote]Xen Nova wrote:
I’m gonna say no.


(Also:: Caption that picture haha)[/quote]

Chuck Norris can arm bar Ronnie Coleman.

You could just run around the cage and wait for him to gass ala Bob Sapp!!

I don’t know about an armbar, but your right on the heel hook. There isn’t as much muscle to defend against.


You could, but he in turn may flinch. That doesn’t seem like much, but with his surface area, it would quickly push the air around him outward, similar to an explosion of several sticks of dynamite. This would eviscerate any would be attackers.
Might be better to just dart him with a couple grams of fentanyl fron a few hundred yards away.

You can armbar anyone if you can get their arm straight. So in Ronnie’s case, yes if the situation is right.

But, give Ronnie 10 minutes of training and tell him not to straighten the arm, and I doubt too many guys in the world will armbar him.

Heel hook, fine. Choke, fine. I’d just run circles around him for a minute and when he gases, toss him to the floor.

I’ve seen a guy roll with Ken Shamrock, and Ken pretty much just did a curl to defend the armbar. Though it could be said that it wasn’t performed correctly…I’d still bet ronnie can curl more.