Could Use Some Help with First Cycles

so I am new to this and could use some help with my pct… i am starting a 10 week cyc of test e 300 and then my plan is to do a 12 week cyc of sust 300. I am looking to gain some serious size in 3 months. Am i being dumb or can any of you help me in this matter! And yes i know im pushing it but i am 5’8 and i weigh 150. I am wanting to put on 25 lbs within the first 9 weeks and total gain will be hopefully around 50 to 60 lbs… Please help!!!

A twenty two week cycle? Those two compounds are very similar. Knowing little of your whole life situation, I’d make it 600mg a week. And you have to eat more than you expend…constantly. Get plenty of sleep. Then eat. Have something on hand should you get lil man boobies.

Have something on hand as in? I never used a pct last time and never got
boobies. But everyone has been saying to use it this time. Honestly could
ypu direct me towards a few dif kinds? I heard clo is a good pct??

Don’t take either.

5 foot 8 and weighing 150 means you do NOT know how to eat for size, don’t know how to train, and likely don’t sleep enough. You will be wasting your money playing with compounds for no reason and putting your health at risk. Get to 220 naturally on your own even with a little bit of chubs, and then come back thinking about usage.

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Why in three months? Do you have a court date and possibly end up in the big house? I suggest you learn to fight instead. Haha
There is so much info on here and other places, man. My advice is learn to get size and feel like you’re approaching your natural limit before you start thinking about cycles. I’m a complete newbie myself though so i shouldn’t talk.

You asked so I’ll answer… YES, you are being dumb… Everything is wrong with your wimpy TRT dosed cycle. 5’8" and 150… Sounds like you need to start training and eating. You need about 2 years of proper training and diet before you even think about logging back onto this forum. Not trying to be an ass, but its true. You need to learn how to eat for size and train your ass off. And please don’t say that you do… My gf is a figure competitor and is 5’8 and a decently lean 162 in off season, completely natty, just to put things into prospective. She trains her ass off and makes sure her diet is on point. Sure you can gain 50 or 60 pounds total in that cycle… BUT it won’t be pretty. Seems like you are looking to make something that should be a long term goal happen in a really short time… It doesn’t work like that, especially on a small dose of Test.

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This only happens in some angry natty’s fantasy world so he can blame his lack of progress on not using roids like everyone bigger than him. Don’t believe everything you read.

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Im only this size cause i cold turkeyed a bunch of bad habits 3 months ago.
I usually weigh around 168 still with no chub but i do know how to eat good
i just havent been but im doing it no matter what so if you have anytjing
good that might help please share

I hear this a lot. I’ve just never seen anyone who makes this claim actually do it.

Look, regardless of this fact, you don’t gain 50lbs of muscle on gear in 3 months, ok?

However, since guys like you won’t believe people who use steroids, but instead, believe people who don’t use steroids, let’s just assume that you actually manage to gain a good ratio of muscle and fat with that amount of bodyweight. How can your body possibly retain this muscle when you’ve taken it so far away from homeostasis in such a short period of time when you’re off cycle? What do you think your body will dump first when it wants to return to equilibrium? It won’t be fat.

I want to believe everyone but thats noy possible! I was just hoping that
there was someine out there that knows what i am trying to do because they
have done it… anyways im off to a good start. 14 days in and already up
10.4lbs! I kinda know how but was just looking for some advice thats all