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Could Use Some Help With Diet


Hey guys.
I am kind of new to supplements and the extremes of body building. I have read countless books and could probably relay half of the text on this site at command. I was just wondering if I could get a little advice. I am a senior in high school. Just turned 18 recently, want to get serious into body building. This is what I am looking at for specs atm.

Weight: 155lbs
Height: 5'7
BF: 11%
Bench: 335
Squat: 395
Clean: 265
Snatch: 210
Deadlift: 425

Lifting Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Strength training (Full gym workout, usually 3 1/2 hours to touch on everything twice)

Tuesday, Thursday - Cardio - Thursdays usually look like 20 sprints and 2 mile run. Tuesdays are 50 sprints 1 mile run. The sprints are roughly 1/5 mile.

Saturday, Sunday - Light workout sculpting. Mainly free weights, medicine ball, dumbells, etc.

My eatting is a little sketchy still. Reading a few books on that yet. Pretty much I wake up with a couple bowls of oatmeal. Lunchtime at school is usually something small like a poptart (I know, horrible). And dinner usually consists of a meal with lean meat of one sort or another, vegitables, a fruit of some sort, and some bread.

Right now for supplements I am taking Maximum Strength HOT-ROX and Metabolic Drive bars after workouts. In the works of being added are a Protein shake in the morning and one at lunch to replace the poptart.

Pretty much I am looking for critiques. Kick my ass, I am willing to do anything. I am totally dedicated to my body. My goal is about 5% BF. My main goal right now is to cut up and really get ready to look great for prom. After prom we are going to a rec center and there is an indoor pool. I want to drop some jaws when I take off my shirt.

I am especially open for opinions on ab sculpting. I have em, they are there, I am just looking to clean them up a little. I have the ball, I have read all the threads and following them word for word. I assume this is the best mixed with a few hundred different variations of crunches and olumpic lifts, but if you have any other ideas, I am more than willing to try.

Again, I am open to all suggestions. You are the pros, my role models. Any information you could lend me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot everyone. :slight_smile:


Sounds like your training is in place.

Eat more often and eat protein at every meal.

Eat 6+ times a day it helps your metabolism burn faster.

HOT-ROX is good for losing fat too.

You don't need to train abs for them to show, but putting muscle mass on makes them "pop" more.

Try weighted crunches.

Eat clean, eat a lot.

Chicken breast/baked potato for lunch.

I did it in HS, it's not that bad at room temp.


Thanks a lot for the input. Curious, you mentioned eatting 6 times daily. I hear that often. Should each meal be a full one or should they be split up among solid/liquid?


eat real food for lunch..not just a poptart or a shake..make the shake your 4th meal


Umm when you say your doing total body and then you say something along the lines of 3 1/2 hours, you don't mean each workout is taking you 3 and a half hours do you?


Also you said your looking to get "serious" into bodybuilding. At 155 pounds I gotta wonder why your interested in your abs. You should be looking at the overall picture and trying to put size on everywhere. Seeing your abs is more of a question of leaness.I haven't worked my abs directly in probably 2 years. No crunches,nothing at all. As long as I'm lean enough I can see them no problem.


You want a critique

Junk the whole damn thing.

3+ hour workouts?????

20 or 50--1/5 mile sprints????
(I don't even believe that one!)

Sat/Sun--light weights and sculpting?? What the hell are you doing for 3+ hours--heavy/compound lifts??

Why in the world are you taking HOT-ROX?

Your diet is completely bogus. You aren't even getting a reasonable amount of protein until supper!

Your main goals are both body-building and cutting a 155lb frame.


3-4 workouts per week limited to 45min-to 1 hour.

Cardio 2-3 times per week limited to 25-45 minutes. Limit your sprints to once a week. Do some medium intensity 1-2 times per week. You can slip some hills or HIIT work in there, but lower the intensity overall compared to 50???
1/5 mile sprints.

Diet--This is really a weak area for you. You need to be giving yourself a steady dose of protein and proper nutrients. If this is only possible with shakes and bars, that is better than what you are doing. Consider a 3:1 carb/protein post workout drink.

Lastly--spend some (a lot) of time reading info that pertains to your goal. To be blunt--you know little and are practicing little that is moving you towards your goal. Your eating up more than any muscle you could possibly be building with your 'plan.' You are living in a catabolic state.


Well said!


No, no, 3 1/2 in all in the gym


thanks for the input


Blunt and effective, I appreciate the honesty. I was always told when it comes to things like this, you get out what you put in. As for the sprints... Imagine them broke into two seperate times... 25 hour break 25 again. I'm only taking Rox right now to prepair for prom. I am only working for leaness until after that. After prom I plan on bulking to around 175-190ish and then working from there... Again, I really appreciate the input and as I said, am open to suggestions. I will try your program for a couple weeks.


You would look better with more muscle than wittle away to noting by "leaning" out. You will look like a rail. If you ate properly and worked out hard you would get newbie gains RIGHT AWAY. If your diet (as in what you eat) is 1/2 decent you will keep the fat to a minimum because you're a newb. I'd say you would get a month of great newbie gains while keeping the fat in check. That would put you right on par for looking good on prom night. If you tried to lean out right now you're looking at Lee Hotti material at best.