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Could Use Some Guidance...


I've read a lot of the "for beginners" articles here and I thought they were really helpful. Although I'm not sure they are matching my goals. I was hoping some of you could give me a little bit of starting guidance to meet my goals.

I'm 21, only 5'4 and 115 lbs. My metabolism is ridiculous. I have been looking to put on some weight/muscle mass. I'm in pretty good shape now. I have some muscle definition, but mostly because I'm skinny.

I've been doing p90x (I know it isn't popular around here, but I needed the structure/guidance).

I have also been drinking BSN True Mass protein shakes.

I have been inconsistent with my workouts, but it is mostly because I don't really know what I am doing. I don't know much about weight lifting or at least, the weight lifting I should be doing. I'm really not sure if p90x will get me where I want to go or if I should mix it with some lifting routines of my own.

I'm not looking to get huge. I'm honestly too short and want to look proportionate.

I'm really looking for any starting off points like...

  • Any good suggested work out plans? (I need structure to follow)
  • Supplements I should check out?
  • Any other "newbie" tips I should keep in mind?

I really appreciate any help you guys can give. Thanks.


Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe + GOMAD, then switch to a bodybuilding split/powerlifting routine/whatever floats your boat?


[quote]46and2 wrote:
Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe + GOMAD, then switch to a bodybuilding split/powerlifting routine/whatever floats your boat?[/quote]

Couldn’t agree more.

Eat, eat, eat.


You could eat, try Creatine if you’re bad. Maybe some glutamine and those protien shakes wont do it alone. P90x will make you stronger but not really different looking. It focuses on making you stronger not bigger and dude, I was 5’4 115lbs when I was 14, you are REALLY skinny. though I’ve been in the same boat. Look at my pictures if you don’t believe me. I was 12 and the scrawny one, yeah, that was me. now just look at my avatar… I’ve worked hard for what ive got.


I’ve always been skinny, but I have always been able to eat quite a bit. I usually am putting down 3 meals a day, smaller meals in between. I’ve been using the mass gainer, but it just hasn’t come all together yet.

I’ve heard some pretty bad things about Creatine so I think I’ll avoid it. The GOMAD program does look interesting. I may give that one a shot with whatever program I decide to start with.

I appreciate the advice so far guys.

Are there any supplements/shakes/etc that I should try along with my mass gainer?


The one supplement you need is FOOD. Keep a food log. If you aren’t gaining, eat more. If you really want something just to have something, BCAA or whey for peri-workout nutrition.

I want you to understand that you don’t need any supps if you’re eating right, you’re going to be getting everything you need from the food.

Oh, and an easy way to get more calories, if you’re thinking “I can’t eat more…” is to make liquid meals. Cream is also great for bulking, very calorie dense. If you need a couple hundred extra cals, just add cream.


Thanks man. I’ll give that a shot. I feel like I already eat quite a bit, but more couldn’t hurt. I’ll do some research on some foods I can eat to help the process.


5x5 program or Starting strength

See DeFranco’s Hour of Power: