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Could Use Help with Fat Loss Diet

hi guys , i been with low T for many years , anyway long story i just started treatment , i’m on 250 test E a week
and i’m 5.7 103kg
skinny fat , no muscle at all ,
i’m on 75mgs T3 trying to get my life together
the test makes me feel bloated and i barely eat once a day
even though i gain wight i don’t lose it
i was hoping someone could give me a cardio training program
and very hard strict diet i really want to melt off all that fat
thank you very much

Green faces diet, look it up. Simple and effective.

Weight training 2 times a week. Pick one of many from this site that you will stick to, and then stick to it.

Do 1 or 2 sprint sessions a week. Again lots of ways to structure these, look up some sprint articles.

Walk more, walk everywhere, walk briskly.

Be more active generally, do more housework, stand instead of sit, always take the stairs. Move more.

Your post is very vague, if you really want help then put a bit more work into it.

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there is nothing to put i been dealing with low t for years i thought it was depresstion , with blood work my friend advised me to go see a doctor , give me testosterone 200mg a week . i droped all the anti depresstion meds , i’m over wight , dicded to drop all the fat , and do a t3 cycle . becouse the anti depresstion meds made my reverse t3 very high the doc said it will go back to normal with time . but i just wanted some help so 250 a week with t3 and excrise should help me my goal is to lose 40 pounds after 3 month and my body fat is 37%

Is food irrelevant then?

that is why i posted in supplement and nutrition

Information about your current diet would be fantastic then.

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oats in the morning
lunch protien and brown rice
before gym 2 bannaa and coffie
after gym protin bar
before bed 2 cups of yougart
sometimes i take sankes what ever i can find fruits or small sandwitshes , i don’t know i want to set a good diet , was hoping someone whould give me for my stats i have so much body fat i imagined it would mild protine since i don’t care about muscle preservation low carb and low fat

My take on your current diet is that its far too carb heavy for someone with low muscle mass, with not enough protein and basically zero fat.

Now im going to oversimplify this massively, but your testosterone is made of saturated fat and cholesterol. Your body simply cannot produce or regulate hormones in a long term low dat environment. Something to consider.

In a sedentary person a low carb high fat moderate protein (keto) diet is almost always the most effective way to lose fat mass.

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i’m on TRT 160mgs of sustanon a week split into 2 doses i have no muscle mass at all i been having low T for 5 years , i’m 22 174cm and 100kg , and 30% bodyfat , i want a good program to start on and a good diet , i can’t do keto too complicated and expnisive , i want to lose as much fat as possible becouse i have a lot of health risks and spin issues hope i can get your advice

i take vita stress , and omega 3 , and no HCG

What are you eating right now?

A good diagnostic is to see how many ingredients are in the food items in your kitchen. If your fridge and pantry contains almost entirely fruits, veg, meat, fish, eggs and some wholegrains like rice and oats, you’ll be on the right track to fixing your body composition

Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, spinach and orange
nothing wholegrain except for breed , and oats are the fast cooking ones full of crabs

and i have no apptite at all , but i have free time and i’m used to food as my suppport system so
well here is the diet i made
oats + skim milk or whole grain breed and eggs
tuna or meat or chicken + rise + some vigges
cottage cheese or yogurt
snaks with nuts or cucmbers

Do you know how many calories you’re rpughly ingesting on that plan? If you’re following your plan and your body hasn’t changed perhaps drop say 200-500 calories and reassess after a couple of weeks

i can get my hands on celn Ec stack , should i try it ? , that there is trended drug for wight loss that cuts down the blood sugar levels in the body ,
my foucs is in colrie defect , i got a new job diving i can burn atleast 900 kal a day beside carido and wight lfiting don’t know if i should add drugs or not , but that drug called sedofag is really tempting cutting blood suger levels will be really helpful
should i stick to diet and cardio or add some extra help . i think i’m set with this ,

You’d be better off talking to @Yogi1 @mertdawg or @IronOne

how do i do that

Hopefully they’ll respond to the tag and comment on this thread

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Probably gonna regret replying here because it’ll take up a lot of time typing but I’ll try to help. I’m gonna be talking in lots of absolutes and generalisations so take it as such but keep in mind there are exceptions (probably). While I could try to answer each individual question/point you’ve brought up it’d probably be more helpful to give you good principles than a “good diet”. By applying these principles you can answer your own questions (hopefully). If not I’ll give any questions you still have a shot.

Firstly when dieting for body composition / sexiness to be successful your priorities should be, in order, consistency, creating a caloric deficit, macro nutrient intake and a few others but those are the important ones. If you don’t have these in check you will not be successful. Here’s a summary graphic from Renaissance Periodization:

I would add in drugs of various sorts such as anabolic steroids but it’s a bit out of my area of know-it-allness. Dieting for health is slightly different and a bit more complex but I digress


Dieting properly for one day then poorly the next /cheat a bit the next day and you will have taken one step towards your goal/s and one backward. If you diet inconsistently in this manner you will not be successful.

Consistency is adhering to your diet for days, months, years or however long it takes to achieve your goals. Even if you fall off the diet a day or two days even a week in the long term if you’re taking more steps i.e. days forwards then steps back you are on the way to success. If you are consistent it then becomes only a matter of time until you get where you want.

Caloric Balance:

I think you’ve got this one so I’ll be brief(er)… just kidding I’m bad at being brief.

You need to create a caloric deficit. There are many ways to do this each with their own costs and benefits. For example counting macronutrients is a tool that allows you to be consistently accurate-ish/make minute adjustments and have some flexibility in what you eat on your diet. However its a bother lel.

In the end it’s more important that the deficit is created then other priorities such as what you are eating i.e.Food Composition hence why it’s lower in priority on the graphic. You can eat as clean as you want but if you have no deficit you get no weight or fat loss.


Thirdly is macronutrients. If I tried to put it in a few words: When dieting for body composition consume enough daily protein to promote favorable changes in body composition. 1g / lb of bodyweight is a number thrown around a lot so I’ma recommend it. More is not necessarily more beneficial beyond this amount and a bit less is probably not worse if at all (according to some studies at least). For simplicities sake go with 1g / lb bw.

Fat and carb make up the rest of your calories and how you divvy it up is personal preference tho I will say you need some fat for your body to function well and carbs are a great fuel source for high intensity activities which will act as the stimulus to hold onto as much muscle as possible during your diet… but getting a bit off topic here.

Anyways these should be your priorities when dieting for body composition hell you could think of them as inviolable principles. Make sure you have each covered and you’ll be golden. Other stuff is optional extra fluff at best or waste of your time bull shit in other cases so mess around with said stuff when you have these priorities checked off.

Good luck


i have some healthy fat sources nuts and omega 3 , and fish , and consistency is available , i want to get get the calrio defect from cardio and my job . scuba diving , burns between 700- 900 a day on the job , so with some cardio and wight training should be fine , am i going on the right track ?

2/3 is pretty good. If this is truly the case youre in a good place and should be seeing results.

A healthy choice and probably a good one for yourself but again not high priority when dieting for body composition. One can lose weight on a MacDonalds diet or gain weight eating broccoli

There’s two parts to creating a caloric deficit: how many calories you consume and how many you burn per day. Even if you burn 10,000 calories per day you can still be unsuccessful in dieting for body composition and even gain weight if you consume 10,001 calories per day.

Yes as said before

Am glad you asked this because this is a question you’ll have to be asking yourself on a regular basis throughout your diet. Are you (still) on track?

Weigh yourself everyday, probably best to do it under similar conditions e.g. in the morning after a piss/shit and jot it down somewhere. Take a weekly average every week and ask yourself are you on track.

Week to week your weight should be going down. If it is then continue what you’re doing because it’s working. If it is not then you’ve messed up one of the factors mentioned previously and need to re evaluate what you’ve done and make changes as necessary.

Sooner or later fat loss stalls for some reason or another. At this time there are many changes you could make to get yourself onto the fat loss train tracks again the most obvious two are eat less or burn more via activity. Implement changes and continue tracking your weight on the scales.


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