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Could Use a Little Help!!!

I have a show coming up in a little less than 6 weeks. I have competed before, but tren ace was the only show drug I had. I looked decent enough for a guy who ran oils the whole way through. I was unaware of the water retention issue with oils, and have got some orals for this round. I have 50 25mg anavar tabs, 25 10mg winny tabs, and a bunch of 10mg d-bol.

I was looking for good advice on a time limit to cut injectables.{I was thinking 2 weeks out?} Also, I wondered how far out you would start the anavar? The winny is in such a small amount that I plan on cramming the winny on my final week of the show. I have been taking about 1500mgs of test to keep my size while dieting.

I lack the tren,prop, and anadrol that most take to bulk, so I just blasted test e in high amounts w dbol to bulk up. I also have a ton of clomid to get my natural t levels up, and planned on hitting that in my final week. My concern is does clomid cause water retention.

My final question is when do I cut the dbol? I was thinking that a week out should work. Any help/advice would b greatly appreciated.