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Could This Work in Rep Performance?


Coach, as I understand it the part of the eccentric movement of a rep that is detrimental and contributes to CNS burnout is the "turn around" point. I.e. - the point where the lowered weight is decelerated, stopped momentarily, and then reversed into the concentric portion.

My question is: Would it be "productive" to use bands, chains, etc. to minimize the load in the turn around portion of the rep thereby minimizing potential CNS burnout?

If so, then would it be useful to increase the load of the barbell while at the same time NOT increasing (or even decreasing) the load at the turn around point?

Merry Christmas to all!


I could swear he perscribed a fairly quick drop and turn around rather than slowly lowering the weight. I'm not trying to speak for him but I think the deliberate slowing is what can burn you out. The quick turn around is a way to minimize the eccentric time. Merry Christmas to you too.


Totally follow what you mean Mytch. However, I'm not advocating a slow turn around just one with less load at the turn around point. I think (maybe wrong), Christian had said that it was in the turn around point where the excessive CNS work occurred. It makes sense (unless there is something scientifically I'm missing), that as you lower the load the effort required is less than the weight of the load. Yet, when it comes to decelerate the load, momemtarily stop it, and then explosive accelerate it the load goes way up. I feel that there is some need for standard reps. I'm just looking to see if added volume could occur without CNS burnout.

I know it is not nearly as good as eccentric-less work. Just trying to see if it is a "halfway" point so to speak.

Maybe CT will weigh in this one.


I'd say bands and chains are going contribute to cns fatigue. A quick turnaround will cause you to use the stretch reflex to produce force and not so much to minimize eccentric loading, and you can still perform exercises with no turnaround i.e, pin presses, deadlifts etc... which will be harder on your nervous system. I think you've got it backwards, if you've used the perfect rep technique that quick turnaround should amp up your cns not cause you to burnout. Try sleeping after working out at ten pm with the perfect rep, it doesn't happen.


This is what I meant to say. The stretch-reflex is what saves you from doing the extra work of slowing. Good words Colin.