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Could This Split Work?


Been training for nearly 2 years now and wanna change things up. Which this work for mass?

Sunday: Quads/Bis
Monday: Chest/Hamstrings
Wednesday: Back
Friday: Shoulder/Tris

And would be doing one exercise each, so example, chest/hams/chest/hams/chest? 3 ramping sets each exercise and final set to failure between 6-10


You have been "training for 2 years" and can't figure this out on your own?

I'm not trying to be a dick, but dude... even at working out 3 days a week, that is like 300+ workouts and like 3,000 hours in the gym under some weight...

All that shit being said... Try it out, and see if it works.



you could pick an established program. one that people know works. so then if it doesn't work for you you know you are messing up your diet or your sleep or whatever.

or you could try reinventing the wheel and see what happens.



can you train back and tris together?


funny u say that, the assyrians invented the wheel and im assyrian so there u go


if mass is your only goal then IMO volume and eating more then you ever think you could is awesome.

like a previous poster, just find an already established program and follow it. much easier and like he said, if it doesnt work you know you are not eating enough or sleeping enough. keep it simple.

i am a fan of a 5x5 simple like one in the starting strength book by rippetoe. but be careful. it will get you strong with a side effect of getting big.


ahem. she


ohh snap! my bad. :frowning: i'm sorry. lesson learned.


Quads and hams on back-to-back days? Any real leg exercise (read: squat or deadlift) is going to involve both muscle groups. If you want a 4-day split, you could try legs,back,chest/shoulder,arms; upper/lower/upper/lower; etc. There are a million ways to skin a cat.

If you are unsure of yourself, try an established program like 5/3/1. Also, CT wrote an article a while back called "How to design a damn good program" that you can probably search for, and will give a wide array of choices for you to decide yourself. It's a bit old but what worked then will still work now.


I agree that quads and hamstrings on back-to-back days might not work so well for recovery. You could try moving your Sunday workout to Saturday, or just change the split up to have a workout day between quads and hamstrings.


thanks guys, i might just do quads with hams. i read up on that how to design a program thing and really helped out. i also read about article "box squats for bodybuilders" and my leg workout will do what it says. box squats working to 2x2-4 then 5x5 front squats ramping and finisher with 80% of the top 5 to failure, then ill do some hamstring work