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Could This Program Help Me Gain Weight


he guys i am thinking off starting this template basically
mondays n fridayss are full body workouts but cant do much for chest and shoulder due to injuries

tuesdays and thursay are bag work only about 30 minutes#
and wednesdays are just gun day

i am 5 ft 10 weigh 177 lbs want to put sum mass on, cud i gain weight with this training routine

i will definatly be eating 3500 + do you think i could but weight on?


tee hee hee




You made my day.


x treemillion


I hereby cast my vote for Wednesday being henceforth known only as "Gunday".

Hope everybody is enjoying their Gunday!


I shot A LOT of things today being "Gunday" and all...


lol i chose gun day because if i did much more felt burnout with the bag session which are pretty intense


o yeah and yesterday was first time u trained guns in months lol


To OP[Original Poster]:Re-read (or read if you managed to miss them) the stickies on this the beginner's forum. Read the articles that are linked in the stickies. [In case you are totally oblivious the stickies are the first 4 posts on the Beginner's forum].

If you have a genuine shoulder injury I would get in touch with a physiotherapist and get that sorted out. Hopefully it is not serious and can be fixed.

To everyone else: Do you think the beginners read the stickies before they post? I'd say if they actually did read them carefully there probably would be no activity on this forum.


No they don't read them because 9/10 of the population would rather have the information spoon feed to them than take a hour or so to actually read a few articles and start experimenting... But, I still think this forum would be used because sometimes there are some decent questions asked.


where are the post i cannot find them?


Read Wushu's last post, he told you where to find them.



T-Nation Forums -> Beginners -> Top 4 Posts...at the top...

They have little pieces of paper beside each one.

-New to T-Nation?
-Are You A Beginner II
-Bulking Tips for Newbies
-Must Reads for Beginners!


Yesterday was not the first time I trained "Guns" thank you very much!

Tea and crumpets anyone?