Could this Be...

The first death in mainstream MMA stateside?

Thursday, June 11 4:02 pm PT: Five Ounces of Pain has learned that Strikeforceâ??s Aug. 15 womenâ??s title bout between Gina Carano and Cristiane â??Cyborgâ?? Santos will go a full five rounds.

Ever better: Strikeforce has confirmed to Sherdog/ESPN that rounds will be a full five minutes in duration. About time. There appears to be evidence females have a 10-15 percent lower oxygen consumption rate than men do, which could conceivably limit the kind of interval and muscular endurance performance that MMA demands, but is it really by so much that they needed competition duration reduced by nearly half?

Hopefully, subsequent womenâ??s bouts will follow suit. If any division is in need of curtailed rounds for the safety of participants, itâ??s the sloppy super-heavyweights. A blended cheeseburger is not a proper post-workout recovery drink.

i’m confused…they had lower oxygen consumption, and therefore less endurance? wouldn’t it be the other way around??

EDIT: okay, i’m an idiot. i googled this and now undertand why…

haha, i’m just hypthesizing that Gina, who generally looks pretty tired going against lighter, weaker opponents if the bout stretches past the 1st, will be in deep shit if she tires against Cyborg - who may kill her if she can’t keep her hands up.

It’s the first MMA fight my girlfriend will be watching with me. She has a huge femmecrush on Gina.
Too bad Gina will actually get crushed.

Anyway, I think it fair to make the sport a bit safer for women, they have, after all, less bone density, less muscle, less endurance.

Its kind of sad that they had to make a special weight class for these two.
Its likely to remain a class of two for a while