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Could This Be Tendonitis?

Right now I’m doing Joel Marion’s Ripped Rugged and Dense 2.0, and whenever I do the incline bicep curls (or curls of any sort) my forearm extensors of my left arm hurt right along the bone. They burn during the exercise and moreso after i let go of the weight. When I use my fingers to massage it, I can feel it is a deeper sort of pain and hurts after the workout. Any ideas of treatment for this? Rest it? NSAIDs??
Thanks in advance…

Rest and no NSAIDs.

You may want to ice it. But as mentioned above, rest. It sucks. I have tendonitis in my left elbow and can’t do anything with a pronated grip.

Flameout when it comes back in stock. Make it a staple.

Anyone wonder why his forearm extensors are burning during a flexion exercise? I suck at diagnoses via messageboards… but is it nervy? Anyone rather knowledgable think I’m crazy on this one? Get an ART in your area to check it out.