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Could This Be Shoulder Bursitis?

Hi all. My previous thread wasn’t very successful so I want to focus more on the issue of shoulder bursitis. [have a doc appointment in a week but want to do some research beforehand].

I have a strange pain in my left shoulder, at the edge of the shoulder (on the clavicle). It does not feel like impingement pain (which is in the tendons/ligament) or like osteolysis (feels like pain INSIDE the bone). This is more a pain ON the bone, almost like a burning sensation. I have been doing nothing stressful, just rehab work and light weights given for rehab after shoulder surgery (in right shoulder). It came about very suddenly and goes from being a very localised burning pain to more general but still localised dull ache, which does not extend anywhere (upper arm, chest, collarbone).

A number of people said it could be bursitis and just wondering if anyone has had shoulder bursitis and felt similar pains, aches or burning feelings.


Quick update: the pain has changed somewhat today. It is now not so much a burning sensation; but feels almost like the area is bruised. And I mean like it was used as a punching bag for a few minutes (not a lactic acid pain/tightness either).

Hopefully you have insurance so you can go to the doctor. If not, then STOP LIFTING WITH YOUR SHOULDER UNTIL IT STOPS HURTING!

You obviously didn’t see my other threads. I stopped all rehab work the moment I felt the pain. And yes, that is REHAB WORK (post surgery, on the other shoulder). Haven’t trained weights for some 6 months now.