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Could This Be An Infection?


It wasn't red this morning.
I injected sunday, 1 ml ultrabol(100mg tren enanthate, 100mg eq, 75mg winnie).
The injection to the quad kept me limping for almost a week, a little bump but there was no redness and it wasn't swollen.
It doesn't hurt that bad. Also, no pitting edema.

I did the injection by the book. Swabed the top of the vial with alcohol, drawn the liquid in the 2cc syringe using an 18gauge needle. Replaced the 18 gauge with a 23gauge 1.5" needle. Both used the first time(and the syringe).

Then I swabbed my ventro-gluteal area, poked, injected and done. I don't see how any bacteria could have gotten in, but still... I have been wrong before

PS: Don't mock the fat


I feel a slight fever (although I had some fever spikes the last week since I`m on) but this one is a little more persistent.
Also the site feels warmer than the other side.

Still redness and a swollen. It's not edema, more like the swole you get from a bad bruise.

Infection or am I just shitting myself for nothing ?


I am not surprised that that shit made you swell up.. tren, eq and winny? WTF??!


Are you sure it isn't an allergic reaction? Might want to get your hands on some keflex just to be safe.


Not an allergy, last week made a shot in my quad. Hurt like hell for a week but that's it.

Brook, I did not specifically want this combination, it was a matter of availability, available budget etc.

I can deal with the pain, swelling etc. I just have to know everything is ok and I won't be rushing to the ER soon because I got a nasty infection, septic shock etc. :slight_smile:


Well maybe its just the quality then. If this already happened in your quad and took a week to get better, you'd have to assume it would happen again right? Are the symptoms any different?


Yes. Already said in the first post.
Quad : huge pain, a little bump, not swollen , no redness
Ventrogluteal : acceptable pain, swollen, redness.

I already knew tren and winnie are bitches when it comes to injecting but still, different sympoms means me freakin` out, and double checking with others just to make sure everything is alright.


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