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Could This Be a Hernia?

I have been hitting the weights pretty hard lately and about a month ago I was doing some deadlifts. Started lite and was planning to go very heavy, but when I put 225 on and got to rep 7 I noticed a warm tingling sensation just below my belt line. It felt like someone was pouring a warm glass water on me “just in that spot though” weird.

So I waited ten mins or so and started another set, and again I was on rep 7 when I felt this weird feeling…??? I started to ask questions about it at the gym and came to the conclusion that I probably shouldn’t do that for a long time…Like I said before I haven’t deadlifted in over a month now and I’m wonding what your guys advise is to me? Any ideas?

I’m not sure, I’ve had this same sensation and I think it just ended up being an abdominal strain for me.

Both times though, I was going heavy, PR heavy, and wearing a belt. I almost think the belt caused it, because I was retricted with the belt and my abs couldn’t “move freely,” so next time I go extra heavy I’m going beltless. I don’t wear a belt except for really heavy lifts. Anyone else think the belt can do more injury than good for a seasoned lifter?

Lately i’ve been having more constant pain in the same area…I’ve noticed it after straining a lot (like when I go heavy on bench) also when I eat to much…kinda weird I thought. Please feel free to give your input

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Just wanted to STRONGLY advise you to go see a doc; whatever it is can’t be good if it’s been bothering you for so long!

By the way…you can usually feel a hernia. It feels like there’s a hole in your abdominal wall. Either way though–it could be a beginning of one, and you can’t know what’s going on for sure until you get it looked at.

Good luck to you; keep us posted!


Thanks everyone for the input, I’m going to see the Doc soon.

Get it checked, I had a ventral hernia from peritonitis surgery and because I hesitated it turned into a nightmare. Get it checked by someone knowledgable in the field.