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Could This Be a Hernia?


Bit of a tricky one this

spotted something when

doing 1 handed dumbell shoulder press with 30kgs

to the left of my lower abs in the pelvis region i seem to have a 1/2" lump move around a little on the left side, if it try the other hand and touch the other side of my body nothing seems to move around [it's not my left Nut before some bright spark suggests it]

no pain or anything, just wondered if anyone has any ideas?


I had this and it turned out to be an inguinal hernia. In my case surgery and 4 months off. Completely, 100%, off.

I had no pain either, but I kept delaying a visit to the doc.

If you suspect something go see a doctor NOW. Better safe than sorry. If it is a hernia, the longer you delay the longer your recovery will be.


any idea what causes it?


Inguinea hernias can occur due to a strain, or can be present at birth and get worse over time. I had the feeling in my groin/hip area of a balloon expanding whenever I squatted or deaded deep. My primary doctor thought I had an inguinal hernia, but the specialist found out that I had swollen lymph nodes which swell in response to infection. There was a noticable swelling in the area and every once in a while there would be a 'pull' like a strained hip flexor muscle. Some antibiotics cleared it up in less than 2 weeks.


man lets hope for swollen lymphs eh!


Hernias usually will bulge if you bare down like you're pinching a loaf.

Or, you could have a tumor (no joke).

Better get to doc.


Mine was (suspected to be) the present at birth and aggravated due to lifting version.

Honestly back then I had never worked out and had shitty technique...


i did pull 360lb last week that seemed to agrivate just about everything :wink:


Just wanted to add that I do have a 'tiny' hernia. Primary doctor noticed it about 5 years ago and told me it was nothing to worry about, so when I came in with the situation listed above, I guess that is where he figured it just got worse.


yep definitely a hernia

he thinks it doesn't need an operation but i should avoid any high abdominal pressure work.........which is just about every fuckin exercise i do

guys how can i keep 200lbs at 10% ish, I'm just gutted,

I'm in UK it would be a long wait if the NHS would do anything, or megabucks for private. feel like biting a chunk out of the bloody table now


after the surgery and you are cleared by you dr. to drive you can go to the gym and do light weight for high reps...this was a great time for me to lean down....Up you protien in take by about 50 grams and take a good creatin sup to help heal faster. Then start to ease back into things after about 6 weeks....we need to say thank you to pro athletes because recover time is alot better.


doc says i should just live with it and not lift...........arsehole


During the 7th month of pregnancy (I think) the boys testicles come down through the inguinal canal into the scrotum. Sometimes the canal does not fully close and material from above can come down as far as your sac. This is called an inguinal hernia.

When I had my first repair (when I was 14) they just sewed the shit up inside my stomach. By 16 I had the hernia again from lifting, etc. The second time they put in a mesh and I've been golden ever since. I can squat and deadlift with no worries.

I trained with mine until I had surgery. It CAN drop into your scrotum and cause some serious pain (and emergency surgery), but I was fine.

I'd get it fixed if you want to keep lifting.


Make it clear to the doctor that you need to have the problem solved so you can continue lifting. If he won't help you, go see a different doctor.

I had a similar situation with a torn ACL. The initial surgeon I spoke with told me to buy a brace and live with it. He didn't want to perform a reconstruction because I wasn't a professional athlete! I went to a different doctor and got the surgery.


Well as far as private goes, my uncle had his treated at the British Hernia Centre, and was in and out in a day; greatly reduced recovery time as well.

A quick google search turned up this info:

British Hernia Centre
87 Watford Way
LONDON, England
020 8201 7000

They also have a website, which looks heinous, but seems to be full of info:

May be of interest.


thanks for the support guys, the doc had left me a message when i got home on friday, so i'll speak with him on monday, and if i get no joy i'll see the head of the practice

?2k for the surgery private, i'm broke, but i'd be happy to finance that if i can keep training.

i hate the docs that say, "ooooh well you're 35 now why would you be bothered about lifting at your age" aaarrrggghhhh

So guys what exercises can i still do while i wait to see a specialist?

i was thinking to just halve the weights and double my reps on squats etc, pullups and bench shouldn't be too straining?

it's the one handed stuff that seems to really bother it. Damn that great one handed workout article by Dan John.