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Could Something Like This Program Work?

Im into bodybuilding but I really want to start training for powerlifting too, could something like this work:
Day 1: Upper power (bench, ohp, chin up (i want to get really good at max chin) + assistance for each (paused bench, pin ohp, paused chin)
Day 2 lower power (squat and dl + paused squat + deficit dl)
Day 3 rest
Day 4 upper hypertrophy (you know, high volume, focusing on weak points mainly)
Day 5 lower hypertrophy (same)
Day 6 upper hypertrophy/strength (alternating rvery week so in the first i get 2 hypertrophy and 1 strenght day per bodypart and next week 2 strength and 1 for hypertrophy)
Day 7 hypertrophy/strength lower (same)
Could It work? Any criticism? I didnt write the excercises on hypertrophy days bc I know myself and I know what works for me, I mainly wanted to know if the split could work and also wanted to know how much volume to use for power days (i guess it will be different if im on the 1 strength day per bodypart week vs 2 strength days per bodypart)

Yeah, dont like it… high volume bodybuilding mixed wth powerlifting thrown in and training 6 days a week is going to burn you out real fast =No recovery = no gains. there’s no way you can recover from something like this. Pick a program from tnation and follow it.

Like this one for example. You can taper your assistance work to your needs /bring up weak points and its for powerlifting. Win/win situation

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Yeah, might do that, thanks! If anyone else has another opinion please tell me it, i like programmkng for myself bc I enjoy a lot doing exercises I likr

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Man who pursue two birds end up with neither.

Pick a goal and train for it, don’t try to chase multiple birds.

It would work, if volume is sliced down on each day. lets say someone trained full body 3 days a week and did 16 working sets a workout, then you have cut the full workout into upper and lower it would definitely work and would arguably be better, just be really careful to not over due it, if weekly volume stays around the same than you should be alright

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Yes, Im going for that, i can post the full program if you think its necessary, maybe some of you guys could suggest some changes in terms of volume and intensity, yeah, im gonna do it lol, ill embed it

yes definitely post it

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Unless he is good with a stone I guess…

Agreed tho.

@felpadubove while you can do both at the same time with decent success, especially if you are still a beginner/intermediate, at best you are almost certainly developing each sub optimally by doing so.

If you are going to make a big priority of OHP, chin ups and a whole slew of different movements and variations for hypertrophy purposes you’d be better off getting this thread moved to bigger stronger leaner or some shit.

As is your proposed program really isn’t on point for Powerlifting for a number of reasons which I can’t be fucked going into. With many tweaks it could be made to work but that’d be more trouble than its worth for everybody and I don’t think you’d be particularly successful at that.

If you still want to do powerlifting or make powerlifting work with some movements for vanity’s sake e.g. curls for the girls I would recommend picking an existing program like 5/3/1 etc. and going from there.

I came from bodybuilding too (I still sneak in some curls, shoulder raises and calf rai… nvm calves).

I did both for a while and stalled but it was only after my mate finally convinced me to let him do a Powerlifting focused program that I made good Powerlifting gains and now here I am.

I actually reckon I’m a bit bigger overall for the Powerlifting gains. There’s like muscle building in Powerlifting too and like whole phases of training dedicated to it so it’s not like you’ll shrink down to nothing. Maybe think of it as taking a break from one style of training that’s become stale and gains have slowed and making gains in the different fresh style. When you come back around to Hypertrophy stuff you can make use of the greater loads to grow more.

Yes, thanks, I have some ideas for when I stall with this program


5/3/1 template already posted is excellent and will give you superior results to your program. This is similar but better also…

Im sure that 5/3/1 would give me better results than my program, probably thib’s one too, but im willing to sacrifice some gains for doing something that gots me wanting to go to the gym everyday rather than doing something that I dont enjoy, long run Ill do better if I enjoy

This is recreational for all of us. If enjoyment is your priority, that’s the goal to chase.

I like Meadows’ stuff, probably because I’m old, and he has powerlifting movements thrown in to make you feel like you’re lifting heavy (although it is a bodybuilding focus).

If you want actual results then do a program like 5/3/1 or what the other guys have posted, If you want to enjoy yourself then go to a bar pick up some chicks for the night and do some cardio.

You’re not going to enjoy going to the gym when you’re constantly feeling weak and drained because your program is too much for you to handle, or you get injured. I guarantee one of those will happen.

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The worst program done consistently will yield better results then the best program done inconsistently.

Have fun dude.

By the way, you don’t need our blessing to run any programs you will do anyways.

What you posted is almost identical to the PHAT routine by Layne Norton. Lots of people seem to have gotten good results from it & Layne Norton is a reputable coach, a bodybuilder, & a powerlifter.