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Could Someone Get the Door?


Instead of opening doors now days, people insist on pressing the buttons that are supposed to be for people in wheelchairs. These buttons are on just about every door at my school, and after half a semester, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who doesn't use them.

These are college students so they're supposedly our future leaders... And they can't even open the door for themselves.

Technology is great but eventually most people won't be able to wipe their own ass.


hahaha, funny thing is I noticed this a couple weeks ago and was disgusted as 2 guys who arguably exercized pushed "the button" to enter the lockeroom. How lazy do you have to be to open a door now adays? These are the types of guys that when on a date will say "Allow me" with a pompous smirk on their face while pushing the button. I bet that will impress her...

absolutely disgusting


Allow me and press the button. That's pretty funny because it's so lame. For some reason I don't want to use those buttons or handicapped parking. Even when I sorta needed it. I feel like I'm being week or giving in or something. If your hands are full, then I think it is perfectly fine to kick the button.


For some crazy reason I don't like using door handles 1000 people used before me. You can bet half of them didn't wash their hands after they peed and the onther half just sneezed or coughed into their hand.

Enjoy the sticky door handle.


What ticks me off are the people who don't hold the door open when you're right behind them. Just plain rude..


You'd get less germs by opening the door like a man these days. And if you're that afraid of germs you should just lock yourself inside.

But if you do decide to come out, enjoy the sticky handicapped buttons.


I like depriving myself of things and therefore don't use the button to open doors...I always park in the furthest spot away...I don't use the elevator...etc...I think it makes me humble somehow, (yes, I'm weird).

I'm also a little OCD...so when I use the handle on doors, I always use the very bottom part, is that wrong?

But more on the topic...you can use the door "button" as more of a comment on our lazy society as a whole. We want fast food fast, our cars to drive for us, and doors that open by just thinking about it. We've gotten WAY too dependant on ALL technology which has turned us into useless beings without it...Just take a look at any office building if the email server goes down. Chaos.


Just to freak you out...the rest of us use the very bottom part too.


I personally rub my penis on the bottom half. You know, for good luck.



At school yesterday on my way to class , my hands were full so I had to hit the handicap button. Well it didn't work so I had to put everything down and open the door, pry it open, pick everything up and get inside and close the door.

I guess the button was broken from over use.


Now we've got nate's herpes.


I'm not really seeing the laziness here. It doesn't take much to open a door and it's not like pushing that button picks the person up and puts them where they need to be in the building.

It's a minor convenience and using one method over the other doesn't make a person lazy.

Is it lazy that people drive to work instead of riding a bike, or would riding a bike be lazy because it would be more difficult to run to work?

Who here uses a remote to change a channel? Who sends email because it's more convenient than writing a letter?

Yes, many people are becoming lazier, but I don't think that minor technologies are the reason.

The people who don't take time to exercise when their profession makes them sedentary, are lazy.

Using an automatic door just doesn't save a person that much effort since opening a door isn't really that difficult so I don't see it as being an indicator of laziness.

If the button is far enough in front of the door, it allows the person to continue walking into the building without stopping. I know, not much time saved, but the button's right there so why not push it?

That's like having the clapper and not using it.


What you said is true. I agree with using modern conveniences because they save time that could be spent doing productive work.

However, the button is actually right next to the door, the door opens slowly, and people have to stop walking and wait for it to open.


I use my foot on the button. I usually end up leaving mud on the button for the handicapped people behind me. They don't mind.


Okay, in that case I can see what you mean, and would think that is just lazy since it would seem to be more convenient to just open the door manually.


I like pressing buttons. I usually don't wait for the machine to actually open the door though and manually open it anyway, but I really don't get how people can care so much about this.

When I visited my grandmother my chair was her automatic recliner which would go from full recline to dumping you in a standing position at the press of a button. If I could get a souped up version of one of those that didn't take 20 seconds to run through the range-- and preferably could put a little distance on my standup-- I'd be set.

Laziness isn't pressing a button to open a door or other convenience novelties. Laziness is driving distances under 5 miles.


I never wash my hands after peeing. I always wash my hands first, then piss. My penis is tucked away, sitting clean in my drawers all day. My hands are dirty from touching everything all day. So I wash my hands first, before touching my pristine genitalia.


Is that what you said? :wink:

\|/ 3Toes


This is what we need...

When you walk up to the door there is no longer a button but a handle on the ground. Low-and-behold, below the handle is strapped your bodyweight (determined by the sensor you are standing on...or course), and the ONLY way to open the door (did i mention the handles, that nate normally rubs his penis on, have been removed) is to deadlift said handle for 10x3.


No! That would just be selfish, not lazy. I'm always willing to share...