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Could someone get me up to date with Charles Poliquin Please, I'm new...

Yeah, everyone. Just this weekend I heard about Charles and have been studying like crazy on the net of all of his info. Wow, what a guy! I’ve been searching through FAQ on this site and have seen that he is going to have a reprinting of the The Poliquin Principles. I didn’t know the dates of those posts. So, when is that book coming out? Or is it out now? And I also read he had one coming out on only arms. I think he said it would be out in Oct. I didn’t know what year though. And I seen he had a site. How long has that been up and is he answering his email? I haven’t gotten a response. Thank you very much!!! g’night

i think the general consensus is poliquin is a fairly knowledgable guy whos done a wonderful job of marketing himself and is more concerned with makin a buck than makin a differance. but i could be wrong

T-mag has a lot of Poliquin articles. Read all those and you really don’t need the books. Also, TC (the editor) wrote a couple of articles called “The Simpleton’s Guide to the Poliquin Principles.” Read those and you have 90% of it.

Same with Ian King, by the way. Read “The Ian King Cheat Sheets” and you’ll have most of his contributions down pat.

Poliquin is way more than fairly knowledgeable. There are a group of elite guys that I group together. These include Poliquin, King, Louie Simmons, Dave Tate, Jim Wendler, Bob Youngs, Paul Childress. These are all guys who I would pay and have paid to either talk to or read about what they have to say.

To White flash:

Charles Poliquin is a genius at what he does. Bottom line: his programs get results. He trains the trainers that you read about.

Charles’ work is well done. You can’t blame the guy for trying to make some money. He’s put in the time and sacrifices to get where he is at - let the man try to reap some rewards without everyone jumping on his case. I agree that you can get most of his material for free on the net with a little searching, but why would any serious athlete or even fitness enthusiast be happy with that 10% missing gap of info? I wouldn’t.


I wouldn’t necessarily place Tate, Wendler and Young in the same category as Poliquin and King.

Any thoughts?

I did check out Elite as you suggested. We can jaw about why I don’t like the site/forum, but I actually saw Tate and Wendler present at SWIS last year and it was imformative, but by no means in the same league as King. I haven’t seen Poliquin live, so there’s no way I could compare.

Simmons is still the man though. So I wouldn’t completely discount the Westside Boys.

I wont give an opinion on this one because last time I did some people started to cry and were very upset. However I do have a question for Goldberg, how in the hell can you put this guys name in the same sentence with Louie Simmons? I thought you were hardcore, I thought you were Westside for life, I thought you knew your shit, I thought you said screw tempos just lift…I just dont get it. You? Defending this guy?

I have spoke personaly with Dave Tate about this and he completely respects Poliquin. Actually Poliquin attended on of Daves seminars in the winter of 2001. Then there was talk of them combining for a dual seminar. It just never happend. But I can tell you that I was with Dave Tate in late May of this year and he still admires Poliquin and told training advice after advice he recieved from Charles Poliquin. There is a mutual respect there becuase they both get tremendous results. If they ever do get hooked up for a seminar I will be the first in line. Big Martin

Rob Coates- You got to be fucking kidding me…Get me meet results from Charles Poliquin and Ian Kings last meet. Then tell me who knows more about getting people strong. Oh thats right Ian King and Charles dont compete they have no way to prove how strong they are…I respect Charles Poliquin and Ian King but dude Jim Wendler is my DOG and will put money on it that neither one of them would go and out total him. And dont reply with some psyco-babble bull shit cause I dont give a shit how smart you are I probally out total you and will always be stronger than you becuse I listen to those in the strength world who prove what they can do…Big Martin

big martin–

Charles is a strong dude. He’s ripped with 18" guns and he has a 36" vertical leap. He’s no slouch.


I think I read that he does curls with 75 lb dumbells in his “normal” workout.

out of curiousity, I wonder how old Poliquin is

Tenchdawg- I fully respect Charles Poliquin and bet he is very strong I just dont understand how any one can say as a STRENGTH COACH he kows how to get some one stronger then Jim And Dave. These guys live there life for numbers, bigger numbers day in and day out. If Poliquin cant bench 500 pounds I truly dont care he still is a very good mind in the s&c field, but if you base strength on numbers and total like I do then there is no comparision. I dont mean to sound Like an ass but I gurantee that if Poliquin or King Unracked 950 pound squat they would be stapled to the platform. That dosent mean what they have to say isnt right or needs to be listend to becaue they are very smart. But they have not showed me they no how to train there bodys to reach Numbers and thats my basis for strength. I think David Boston is real preety but I dont really respect his strength, If Charles Poliquin wants to prove me wrong have him or Boston enter the IPA nationals this Novemeber and out total Jim Wendler. Thats all he has to do. Big Marti

Big Martin-

I see what you’re saying, but I wonder if you might be putting too much emphasis on the totals. I doubt Charlie Francis runs an elite 40 or 100, but there’s no one in the world better suited to improving your sprinting than him. Knowledge and practice–or even knowledge and goals–are frequently different things.

Chris- I agree with you full heartdly, If my goal is strength by the only proven method of numbers and totals and my goal is to up my total I want to listen to someone wo has been under the bar. I want some one who has been there done that, let me show you. Not some one that says well in this book it says…But Poliquin is a genuis and gets great results I just feel there diffirent then my defenition of strength. Big Martin

Big Martin-

Makes sense to me, and I hope you know I’m not denigrating the knowledge of Dave Tate or Jim Wendler. I’m just pointing out that there are some coaches with no total to speak of who are highly deserving of respect. Thank you, by the way, for all the knowledge you’ve been spouting on the Westside threads.



Sorry to rag on you directly hear, but Powerlifting is a beast onto it’s own. Just because Poliquin’s and King’s writings didn’t get you prepared for your meet as well as the Westside protocols did isn’t a surprise. Since when has King or Poliquin had anything to do with Powerlifting? Ian did compete. Care to match your numbers to his?

Anyway, strength coaches are responsible for athletics and athletes. Wendler and the boys are responsible for powerlifters. The preparation for the two is very different. That’s one of the reasons I believe Powerlifters shouldn’t train athletes. Often, all they know is how to train for powerlifting. Most times, that’s not going to help an athlete’s performance.

So athletes don’t need to be strong? Of course they do. But you’d be amazed how much an elite athlete has wrong with them. Throw them under a maximal squat or bench and you’re going to be more injurious than helpful.

I have no doubt that Wendler and Tate are the best in the game at coaching powerlifting. But as I’ve said before, I don’t think they have any place training am athlete.

Besides, how athletic can you possibly be if you’re a super heavyweight powerlifter? That also brings up my only knock on Poliquin. Yeah, he’s a ripped beast, but athletes don’t need to be. In some respects, King has him beat there. It’s all about athletic preparation. Who cares how big his arms are?

Yes it is all about athletic preparation. I don’t care about the coach, more so the results the coaches athlete’s get. AND not everyone knows how to coach well just cause they are top notch at what they do. Hell, there are powerlifters who don’t life westside who can out total louie (not saying louie isn’t strong by any means, just that there are stronger out there) but louie knows how to train people to get the results they want and that is why westside is so badass. same with athletic strength coaches. i am sure all their athletes can outperform them, however it is the coach that possesses the knowledge to make the athlete better. if the coach could outperform the athlete, the why the hell isn’t the coach competing? he would make a lot more money! what i am trying to say is don’t knowck coaches cause they aren’t world class athletes themselves, remember they are the ones who get the athletes there.

In Strength,


So if your a bbr, you should listen to ronnie, or dorian cos they have walked the walk.