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Could Someone Critique this Cycle?


Hey I'm about to do a second cycle and am under time restrictions due to testing, hence the quick acting substances. I was thinking a short 6 week cycle:

test prop 500mg/week
anavar dosage per week?
dbol 100mg for first three weeks (kick start)

pct: HCG 500 IU per week

I know theres a few holes but I was hopping for some suggestions. I weigh 265 and am looking for more bulk/fat loss in a short space of time. Was also considering adding clenbuterol.


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The prop and var will be more than enough. 50-60mg ed of var will probably work too. I would not run HCG with this, you won't be shut down hard enough to warrent it.
Save the nova for pct. You might also want to get some adex and use throughout to keep estrogen levels down. .5mg ed or eod should work. Good luck



hey thanks. i actually meant just 100mg of dbol per week for three weeks. im thinking of dropping the prop as i heard even though it can only be detected for two weeks, an isotope test can pick it up after 12 weeks. so i may need to up the dbol. can this be combined with anavar?