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Could Somebody Explain the 7th Week Protocol?


Alright guys/Jim. Ive got jims original Book and his beyond book but nowhere in them can i find any reference to the 7th week protocol. Im starting a beginner routine that jim put out that also refurs to the 7th week protocol after the first 2 cycles. Anyway could somebody explain to me what it is and how it works please? either here or PM me? Thanks in advance.


If you are running two cycles back to back, thus the first 6 weeks, the 7th week will be your deload week before upping your TM’s for the next 6 week block.

Protocol is simply 3 sets of 5 at 50-60% of your recent TM with minimal assistance. I prefer to run my deloads as just two days that week so:

Workout 1:
Deadlift 3 x 5 @ 60%
Press 3 x 5 @ 60%
Back Exercise 3 x 8-10 Light

Workout 2:
Skwat 3 x 5 @ 60%
Bench Press 3 x 5 @ 60%
Back Exercise 3 x 8-10 Light

You can run it as the standard 4 days but I just find less training days gives me some more recovery time and use the other days to do some more cardio and refreshing things to get prepped to lift some heavy ass shit for another 6 weeks.


From what I know, this ain’t correct.

The 7th week protocol can be used at a TM test prior to starting a leader. It can also be used at the end of a anchor for PR. Lastly it can be used as a deload, usually after leader and prior to anchor. All of which uses different percentages than what’s shown above.

I guess that if someone would like to gain this kind of information, they should subscribe to Jims privat blog - thereby gaining the information by paying Jim for his work :slight_smile:


Not being funny or anything but why should i Sub to his Private blog? ive bought both his other books, not including his power lifting book. I plan on buying his 3rd, surely that should be enough? but subbing for additional content as well, seems abit money grabby to me.


You shouldn’t subscribe…

…unless you want content that is written there.


The 7th week protocol along with all the other new programming have been developed after Beyond 5/3/1. Most of the stuff will most likely be in the new book.

And the forum is a great place.


What he said :slight_smile:


I haven’t signed on yet but I’m planning on joining. Seems like a ton of good info I’m missing and there’s a lot of way more experienced lifters on there to learn from. It’s only 5 bucks a month. Seems reasonable considering all the free info Jim gives out on here.

Plus all of his books are cheap compared to what else is out there


You will have to wait for the new book then.


Where is the info on the 7th week protocol? Is it the best template out for powerlifting or is the strength challenge better or is that mainly for peaking for a meet?


It is spelled out on the private forum. If you don’t want to join it, you’ll have to wait for the book. I, and I doubt anyone else, don’t want to give away Jim’s intellectual property.

The 7th week protocol is not a template or program in and of itself; it works in conjunction with a program and can be performed for different purposes. I know that is vague but I’m not giving Jim’s stuff away that he worked to develop.

The best template out there is the one YOU believe in.


its on the private forum…joined last week when I found it was only 4.99 a month…drop in the bucket for the great information…or just wait for the book…after your sworn in on the private forum and promise not to divulge secrets on the board-you feel enlightened


On his forum

If you are skilled in the art of google-fu u may find it.

Why not go to a site like powerlifting to win dot com and read or listen to every review the guy did. Listed under program reviews.
27 of the most commonly used or just say popular templates being used.

Then make a decision, pick one, and stick with it.

They all work.


I decided to stop in here, even if I was busy “money grabbing”, and let everyone know that it’s already been explained here.

I shall commence my money grabbing now.



I think if you don’t want to pay for Jim $5/mo and his trusted advisors advice, you should hire a personal trainer for $30-60/hr for their advice. If you want the content of the new book now, you can get it - assume the book is going to be $20 or some shit - well, that’s 4 months of the forum where you get a lot of the new content as well as advice.

You might find that on his forums he grabs a bit more than our money :wink: