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Could PowerDrive help?

I’ve read a lot of good things about power drive, and after hearing how it helps mood, feeling, and your overall focusness in and out of the weightroom, i wonder if it could help a friend of mine who is quitting smoking. I’d like to know what everyone thinks and how they’ve felt while on it. A person craving cigarretts with some bad brain chemistry going on, think Power Drive could help?

Certainly wouldn’t hurt!

glad to hear your helping your friend out.quitting smoking is a very hard thing to do.i quit last january after 20 years .the single best thing you can do for your friend is get him into an exercise program.that will help keep his mind on something besides smoking.tell him to mix up his daily routine so he doesnt continue to smoke.take a week off work,find a project to do or whatever.if he gets into a habit of exerciseing then he wont want to smoke.i tried the patches and gum for about the first month and they do help but i eventually stopped using them because they made me feel tired.they definetly helped get thru that first month.best of luck

Power Drive won’t really replace what he’d get from smoking as nicotine mainly works in the dopamine pathway. I’d recommend he use glutamine on an empty stomach throughout the day to help with cravings and also perhaps zyban or wellbutrin.

You know, if you tell him it will really help, then it will. Even if the ingrediants don’t! :wink: