Could Once-a-Week Cruise Shot of Test E Be Causing my Acne?

I’m a few weeks into my cruise following my Tren-Test E (twice a week shot). I decided that for my cruise I’d do once a week Test E (200mg) shot instead, since it has a long esther. My acne started to appear during my cruise. I feel like I’ve a new pimple every day. Could this be because of the instability caused by only injecting once a week?

If it were me I’d do two shots a week using E. Also depending on how much you blasted you might still be coming back down to steady state levels on your cruise dose = hormones still out of whack = acne

Agreed here. Its likely the hormonal swings from the blast → cruise transition. It should level off unless you had bad acne naturally.

I’ve been getting more acne since being on TRT at 140mg/wk. So yes, it’s entirely possible.

I just get more acne in the winter. I was starting to think it was my protocol, but probably lack of sun at least for me. It’s like -10F here, wind-chill like -30. Not a great time for being outdoors.