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Could Nuts Really Cause High SHBG?

anyone experience reducing peanuts or peanut butter (or even eliminating it) from diet to decrease high shbg? i heard things like almonds and peanuts could increase it while decreasing total test.

As far as I have read, these are the nuts that increase SHBG:


I have read the argument that all nuts are bad for SHBG. I cant give up peanut butter though. I have increased the amount I eat and cant say there are any negative effects on mine. Im always high range SHBG.


so much this. i cant give up on peanut butter wtf. 365 days a year and i eat it 360


Is this for real? I eat peanut butter a couple times a day along with multiple packs of mixed nuts.

Low SHBG here.

They raise it. I should have been more clear.

Gotcha, thanks for the info.

i already bought sunflower oil (like peanut butter) i only need to switch almond milk but i dont think thats a problem because one serving of almond milk is like what? 20% almond 80% water? lol and tbh this is just a try but from others experience they dont see a difference. i think i saw someone dropping almonds and saw no difference in shbg

youre an example too hehe you eat that much and still have low shbg