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Could Nutrition Really Impact Progress?

like by a lot? im bulking and havent tracked calories (taking a break) and my lifts are stalling or decreasing.

How much do you weigh? What’s your height, and how much lifting experience do you have?

What were your lifts at, which lifts are you talking about, and where are they at now?

How many calories were you eating before, and how many are you eating now? How long have you been bulking and what does a “bulk” even mean to you - a dramatic increase or slow and steady?

Yes, nutrition can certainly impact progress, but we need a lot more information before being able to provide any useful information.

-Height, weight, age, training experience
-What’s your training program like? The more details the better.
-What are you eating in general, and before and after training?
-What’s your lifestyle like? Active? Sedentary? Are you getting enough sleep?


sorry. 6’3 weight 154, 3k calories daily, job has me standing 25-35 ish hours weekly (dont know if this impacts tdee) 1 day of cardio sedentary outside this. running greyskull lp. lifts 165 bench 110 ohp 180 deads 180 squat. yesterday i ate 200 less of what i was aiming and did a bit more cardio and today everything suffered. diet 155 protein 380 carbs 90+ fats

protein: chicken salmon ground beef eggs
carbs: potato, sweet potato pasta oats bread
veggies: carrots broccoli cauliflour onion
fruits: apple papaya strawberry banana
fats: pb olive oil coconut oil butter (natural) cheese

sleep 6-7 hours waking up to pee 1-2 times

program is 3 days fullbody training deloading weight 10% if missed the 5 reps

Since you’re bulking, how has your bodyweight changed over whatever timeframe you’re referring to?

Seems like you’re doing a strength-focused program plus cardio while trying to put on size. That’s a mistake on several fronts. At your height and weight, you’re phenomenally underweight with what sounds like an active job (yes, it affects TDEE). You don’t need any specific cardio work and you may want to consider a training plan with a more specific size focus/more volume.

Long story short: If the question is “Could nutrition really impact progress?”, the answer is yes, the factor that’s primarily responsible for muscle growth and recovery can really impact progress.

My advice would be to take a deload week. Evaluate your sleep, nutrition and programming and make sure it is on point with your goals. Nutrition is absolutely key. I would always lean towards and majority clean diet throwing in cheat means sparingly.

already did a deload not so long ago


“yesterday i ate 200 less of what i was aiming and did a bit more cardio and today everything suffered.”

You may have answered your own question.

Thanks for providing some more info. At 6’3 and 154, I agree with @Chris_Colucci that you are underweight and are probably not eating enough. I’m just about a foot shorter than you and hanging at 160lbs.

If you’re trying to gain strength and size, you want to be eating at least maintenance if not a slight surplus, and probably not doing cardio in addition to weight training. Find a TDEE calc online and figure out your maintenance, seems like underrating and excess cardio is hindering progress. Are you tracking and weighing your food to ensure you’re actually getting the 3000 cals you’re going for?