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Could My Diet Be Causing Inflammation Issues?

I am having some alarming issues I don’t understand and are starting to scare me a little.

  • urinating like 20 times a day
  • arms and feet numbing in sleep to the point of wakening all night(seems to get worse the closer I eat before bed)
  • my feet feel swollen when I wake up to the point it hurts a bit to get out of bed(I have been working 60 hours a week too walking 10 to12 hours straight every day even Saturday for like 6 months now.)
  • I feel almost bloated through my whole body it’s a weird feeling
  • I also have trouble staying awake all day and never stop being hungry

I am currently bulking right now and these problems seem to worsen the bigger I get. Some of these are signs of diabetes or inflammatory problems so that’s why I am worrying a bit now.
I am 5’ 6" male, I went from 150lbs to 160lbs following a 6 month maintenance weight gain struggle. So I gained 10lbs in about 4 months, sometimes gaining a lb a week sometimes, nothing, or sometimes 2 lbs.

The question is is this diet related? Or is it because I only get 5 hours of sleep, walk 15 miles everyday, have a stressful job and family/lifestyle. And at what point should I see a doctor. I really feel like the doc can’t do much, I got tested for diabetes 10 years ago and tested blood sugar 2 years ago when I had some muscle spasm problems. Sugars where fine

My plan right now is to try a more anti inflammatory diet maybe keto bulk idk and see what happens

Here are some screen shots of what I typically eat I know it’s really bad
High sugar, sodium, caffeine I drink 3 lo carb monsters every day

Let me know if I am missing something obvious. Sorry if I sound dumb

Edit: I have been taking fish oil about a week to see if Omega 3s might help

Dude. Go see a doctor.


So you expect to feel normal on 5 hours of sleep and 3 monsters every day? Plus I assume you’re still training on top of that.

You know what to do.

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It might also have to do with the fact that you’re eating cereal, frozen burritos, Doritos, pizza, and drinking quite a bit of milk.

As the well-intentioned fellows above me have mentioned: Visit the doctor’s office.

You’re overestimating carbs (most likely), downing who knows how much sugar, all while not sleeping enough and working over 40 hours week.

So yes, your diet could very well be causing you and your body such distress, but it’s probably a combination of the other factors mentioned as well.


Above all else, schedule a checkup with doctor. They can help you better than we can.


you got tested for diabetes 10 years ago… go see a doctor, that’s what they’re for.

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Thanks everyone I have a plan now. I didn’t want to admit my bad habits but I have been doing this for years now, it became normal but it’s time to be honest with myself.

Thanks for holding me accountable I just have to crush these habits now. This is going to suck for a little bit

Ya it’s just going to be a whole process I don’t have time for right now because my doc really sucks.

I did get to check my blood sugar yesterday with help of my diabetic friend. It was in the 80, I guess that’s normal. And then I checked my blood pressure and that wasn’t too bad either like 134 over something. This seems like good news

So Im just going to prioritize sleep and diet better for a week and see how it goes. I think I’m just inflammed from all the sugar and sodium I consistently eat and not enough sleep over like a year straight

Yeah for this alone see an MD preferably/get recommended to a urologist ASAP

among other things get in a ton of greens/colourful veg to clean out and balance off all the crap you’ve been downing

If need a lot of caffeine to keep going for work switch to black coffee or caffeine pills and a pint of water. As a minimum or lesser evil have zero sugar monsters or similar

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Forgot to mention doctors diagnosed me with narcolepsy 2 years ago. That’s why I started drinking monsters instead of taking the meds. My life sucks without stimulants.

Definitely switching to zero carb drinks still.

Now I just need to decide if I want to try low carb kind of diet or just stop with the sugars and replace with more rice and oat. Which just is kinda difficult because I get too much fiber and feel bloated alot eating heavy carbs.

Do you have sleep apnea? I had it really bad and was having trouble staying awake even at the most normal things. Actually was dozing off while driving and it got scary. I had the sinus surgery and palette stiffening and it worked wonders.

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Well actually I thought I might have sleep apnea so that’s why I went to the sleep test originally. After all the tests they said I was clear of that but I did have the narcolepsy problem instead.
They both sound pretty similar though I know the struggles. They both suck
My doctors as a kid thought I was depressed all my life but I was really just really really tired lol. Part of why I hate doctors lol took like 23 years to figure out I have a sleep disorder i had to figure out myself

You said it yourself,“Here are some screen shots of what I typically eat I know it’s really bad
High sugar, sodium, caffeine I drink 3 lo carb monsters every day”. So first and for most clean up the diet for sure, more whole foods try, prepping meals, drop the kids food and eat real oatmeal. anything processed will contribute to inflammation. also sodium must be off the charts,

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Ya I’m not trying to make excuses but I used to do that and all those whole carbs where way to much fiber and bloat me and get heart burn all day from filling up my stomach. Cereal and garbage food was my solution but I am paying for it now. I am working on it everyday now though no excuses.
Sodium was over 5000mg sometimes lol I thought it was good because I sweat alot sugar usually ranged from 150g to 200g. That is the first thing I have dropped so far this week and I’m starting to feel just a little better already.

First thing I did was stop drinking Gatorade, chocolate milk, or any milk. Things are clearing up but still have a lot to work on. It turned into such a bad habit… It is a process now

When was the last time you had any labs done for thyroid?

Little over 1 year ago that was also good

Did you get the labs or did the doctor just say… “it’s fine”?

Doctor said it’s fine and didn’t let me look at them lol

Uh huh. I would consider getting them checked again and look at them yourself. Including antibodies.
Muscles spasms, tingling, inflammation, bloat, fatigue, are all symptoms of thyroid disorder.
Never underestimate the power of a pissed off thyroid gland. Lol

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Ya good idea it’s probably never a bad idea to get some bloodwork

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