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Could MJ Be My Answer for Neck Pain?


Hey, sorry if this is a long post but I’ll try as detailed yet concise as possible. Long story short, prior to my injury I had been working out for a little over two years. Then in November I hurt my neck deadlifting and had to stop. Originally told it was just a muscle strain, I iced/rested it for a month. Then saw an orthopedist, who ordered an MRI which showed no damage or misalignment to my spinal chord or the discs. I was told to try physical therapy.

So I completed a little over three months of physical therapy and have been seeing a muscle activationist specialist for two months as per recommendation of fellow forum members as well. I have seen the orthopedist a few more times, and have been prescribed two drugs to help with the pain, a SNRI and a muscle relaxant. They have helped a little but I am still in discomfort. My last visit I was told that it could be an issue with my nerves and to try acupuncture or see a chiropractor. She said that structurally there is no real reason why I should still be in pain and couldn’t give me a real diagnosis.

So I have been trying acupuncture now.The problem isn’t so much that the pain is very severe throughout the day at rest, just that I am still unable to resume working out. I am still doing the exercises my physical therapist gave me and I still feel some discomfort in my neck doing them, however the discomfort doesn’t last long. I’m not one to drink or do drugs but a week ago I smoked marijuana recreationally (it is legal where I live) and instantly noticed that my neck pain was completely gone for the first time in five months. Which got me thinking, if smoking a little bit beforehand, not getting super high just enough to take the pain away, could take the pain away and allow me to workout, is it worth trying? My only concern is the doctor didn’t really give me any advice on how/when I can return to the gym and I don’t want my neck getting worse.

What do you guys think? If toking a little mj beforehand takes the pain away, do you think its safe for me to resume working out? Do you think my neck will get worse if I try this? Thanks.