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Could It Be Related to Low T? Is My T Low Enough?


26 year old male- went to doctor a year ago due to weakness and hair balding on scalp, did some blood work and discovered pottasium to be high at 6.7 on several occasions, aswell as elavated liver counts. over the months we determind it to be due to muscles deteriorating, i also have elavted coritsol levels at 27 (5-23). The specalist wants to do a muscle biopsy , however a few weaks ago i started having problems with errections and stuff so i thought to ask doctor about testosterone levels.

My total tesosterone came back as 270 range(170-1100), doctor was not sure if the testosterone would be causing my symptoms, saying that they can range greatly among different people and everyone develops symptoms at different ranges, however he was willing to do more blood work to find out.

currently iam waiting to get blood results for lh/fsh,prolactin, f/t testosterone,adh,ast,alt and full liver panel.

Based on the fact my symptoms are hair loss, muscle loss, weight loss rapid followed by weight gain, hot flashes, and then my other set of symptoms, headacks, pressure in back of head, very bad sinus problems, and visual disturbances.

I think it sounds like low testosterone due to a pitutary problem and i should hold off on the muscle biopsy until we look into the low testosterone further, however doctor was unsure if a testosterone of 270 would cause problems. would like some opionions.


Muscle wasting due to low testosterone should be far more gradual than what would cause such elevated potassium levels. I would suspect something more acute. From my CF days I’m familiar with a condition known as rhabdomyolisis which in CF is exercised-induced muscle damage to the point that blood potassium levels become toxic. Of course there are several other potential causes of this too like genetic disorders, drug use, crush injuries, severe dehydration, carbon monoxide poisoning, blocked blood vessels or really anything that can cause tissue death. Your levels don’t seem acute enough to be rhabdo, but since you still don’t know the cause there is no telling if it will get worse if not identified. Have you experienced unusually dark urine? That would be a a common sign.


no dark urine, however i frogot to add that the pottasium fluctuates alot, it was 6.7 last year, then down for a month, then up again, then down again my last blood test showed it at 4.6 only which is the lowest its ever been.


Generalized hair loss can be more from low thyroid function than low T. However there could be another cause.

Have you always been using iodized salt?
Any labs for TSH, T3, T4, fT3, fT4?
Do you get cold easily?
Outer eyebrows sparse?
Dray skin. brittle nails?
Thyroid sore, enlarged, lumpy, asymmetrical?

A pituitary adinoma can affect hormones and cause visual field disturbances if large enough.
One might see reduced width of peripheral vision which should be near 180 degrees.

Need labs in list format with lab ranges.

AM cortisol [at 8AM please] what time of day for your cortisol=27?

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Need more info about you:
Waist size
Time line of when you think problems started?
What Rx or OTC drugs have you been using?
Used any hair loss drugs ever?
Any skin rashes or unexpected weight loss?
Weight gain?
Describe body shape and fat patterns.


thyroid test were normal, however an enlarged thyroid was noted, a pituitary adinoma is also possible as i have increase eye pressure and i have been getting reduced prehiperal vision.

Age: 26
Weight: 180 pounds
Height: 5.9
Waist size: 33
Time line of when you think problems started? 2 years ago
What Rx or OTC drugs have you been using? none
Used any hair loss drugs ever? none
Any skin rashes or unexpected weight loss? was 210 pounds- went down to 160p in 3 months, followed by going back up to 180 over a year.

Describe body shape and fat patterns. visualy less muscle mass and more fat, no longer 6 pack

Potassium: over the course of a year- 5.8, 5.7, 6.7, 5.0, 4.8, 4.6 (Range 3.6-5.1) (when pottasium was 6.7 i actually had a blood lab call me at 3 in the morning saying i should go to the er if i started getting chest pains etc, i was like duude iam trying to sleep) lol

TT: 270 (9am check)(range 170-1100) rechecking in a weak or so
FT: awating for results
E2: didnt check
LH/FSH: waiting for results
Prolactin: waiting for results
CBC: waiting for results
hematocrit: didnt check
AM cortisol [at 8AM please] what time of day for your cortisol=27? was around 9:30 am
AST/ALT: was around 200 for ast(range10-40), and 90 for alt,(range-7-56) rechecking in a weak or so
Vit-D25: didnt check
ADH: waiting for results
ferritin: waiting for results
billirubin: waiting for results
alk phosphatase: waiting for results.
CK: range (38-176) 5025( think i just did to much physcial stuff the day before the test when ck was checked)


AST/ALT retest: Stop training and do not have sore muscles as that can create high levels.

Thyroid: The ranges are useless, please post the numbers and not “normal”/

Cortisol=27 at that hour is not good. Were you highly stressed at that time?
"think i just did to much physcial stuff the day before the test "

Prolactin will be interesting. Can typically be managed with 0.5mg Dostinex/cabergoline per week in divided doses.