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Could It be Gyno Nearly 3 Years after Cycle?

Hi everyone,

2 weeks ago I noticed a small sore lump under my left nipple which grew a bit (flat like a small penny). I went to the doc and he said it doesn’t look serious and most probably a swollen gland. He recommended coming back in a month if hasn’t gone and then send me for a scan.

I have had a tiny lump there before like 6 years ago after an epi cycle but tamoxifen got rid of it after a couple of weeks. I also did an epi cycle just under 3 years ago followed by clomid/tamox pct. I have been natty since and I did get blood work 6 months after it which confirmed I was pretty much recovered with just a slight shbg level which an endo confirmed isn’t a problem.

I got some bloods done last week, T, free T, Estrogen and SHBG and again everything is pretty good. T is upper level of range and my oestrogen is bang in the middle of normal range which is great. Again though my shgb is only slightly above normal range but I think maybe that’s just normal for me.

I am convinced this is gyno again but my bloodwork tells a different story. I am also thinking how can gyno come about again after 3 years!! Can anyone shed any light or experiences?

I noticed this lump a couple days after a binge drinking session which I thought may have triggered it but not sure…


I think in this case you should listen to your Dr. Seems unlikely that you would develop gyno if you’re not cycling androgens.

You had a doc look at it in person. You want us to give you a better diagnoses via the internet? How long has it been since he saw you? What were your actual blood work results with ranges please. Any photos?


Yeah that’s what I thought but was just wondering if delayed Gyno can occur a couple years after a cycle. As you say, pretty unlikely!

So hard not to give stupid answers. Must resist being an asshole. Give me powwwaaaaa


Just an update and the need for some advice. So I was referred to the breast clinic who confirmed it’s gyno. An ultrasound and examination showed growth under my nipple which has grown a little more recently. I’ve also noticed very slight puffiness in the area. I’ve had bloods taken again and they are as follows

TT: 22.1 nmol (range 8 - 29)
FT 0.384 nmol (range 0.2 - 0.62)
Oestradiol 70.3 pmol (range 41-159)
SHBG 58 nmol (range 18 - 54)
Prolactin 323 mu/l (range 86-325)

I’ve had thyroid, glucose, liver too but haven’t got numbers at hand but the doctor did say they are all perfect so they’re not sure why I have been developing tissue under the nipple.

My prolactin is borderline out of range so that could be it but it’s not off the charts.

My SHBG is a little higher but then again, that’s been the case since tests a few years ago when I finished my Epi cycle.

I did stop training for a year due to work, a suspected heart problem and just no motivation to train. Since stopping I have put nearly 14 lbs on in fat. 6 weeks ago I started training again and I’ve putting muscle back on and lost 7 lbs of fat which is great. I was wondering, even though my cycle was a few years ago and this gyno could be delayed, could it be due to me putting fat on?

My FT is not amazing but I don’t feel it, I don’t have ED, I don’t feel unwell and I am gaining strength and muscle well (albeit muscle memory is playing a part) so I’m not too concerned atm. Plus I’ve hovered around that number for the past few years with no issues.

Any sort of advice or input would be appreciated.

P.s the doctor is making me test again for test, e2, shbg and cortisol tomorrow as the blood work last time was done at 12pm so tomorrow I’ll be retested at 9am.

Is it growing? Is it visable (Noticably) ?
If so…schedule a surgey and have it removed.

It has been growing but not rapidly. I’m not sure it’s grown over the last couple of weeks. The lump isn’t noticeable tbh but the nipple is very slightly puffy. The doc is waiting for sign off from the consultant to give me Tamoxifen. I used this about 6 years ago when I had it in the exact same place after a cycle and it nuked it and disappeared quickly. People say this doesn’t work but I used it and it worked a treat. I haven’t told the GP this obviously haha. I’m just confused to how I’ve got it again 3 years after cycle tbh. Perhaps it was my weight gain whilst I wasn’t training that’s caused it. I dunno!

Well, here’s to hoping that Nolva does the trick for you. It will block estrogen from attaching to the glands and perhaps that will reduce any swelling like it did in the past. Of primary concern should be WHY it’s happening at all if your E numbers are undercontrol. Packing on a bunch of fat will increase aromatization so that might explain it. Work to get some of that weight down and see if that helps.

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Yeah I’m not sure about the swelling but it should reduce the size of the lump.

Yeah absolutely I want to know why, I’m confused to how it’s happened when E2 is under control. I was thinking perhaps it could be prolactin with it being on the high end of normal but I’m due to get that tested again tomorrow.

Ralox is another option. It’s cited more frequently as the SERM of choice for beating back gyno, but I have no scientific reason why it would be superior to Nolva.

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