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Could it be a Hernia?


I broke a bone once, and I knew it right away. When someone says to me, "I think I broke a bone," I tell them they'd know.

I have a pain in my lower left abdomen. Lunges are pretty uncomfortable. Is it just a strained abdomen or oblique, or could it be a hernia? I am looking for someone who has been through it to give me some guidance. Thanks in advance.


Funny, I think I have the exact same thing. Visibly, there's nothing abnormal, but it's very tender when pressure is applied, and I have difficulty feeling as if I can properly brace my abdominals.

For me, it's pretty much in line with my ASIS, very slightly in to my midline; I don't think it's my psoas, as I don't feel any activity during hip flexion (although I'm aware that the psoas will like somewhere within that region.) I have a feeling it's part of my lower abdominals, but am not sure- I'd sure like to hear some suggestions, too!


is there a lump? There's usually a pretty pronounced bulge.

There's more than one type of hernia, and one of them can fuck with your balls! I'd go get it checked out, better safe than sorry.


I knew I had a hernia when one of my balls was near my ASIS lol. If you don't want to go to a doctor you can actually do the poke & cough test easily enough if you google around. For me I could feel my intestine jump out and hit my finger when I coughed during the test.