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Could I Need TRT?


Hi there,

I’m 19.8 years old, and have a problem which is affecting me badly.

I don’t know what is going on with my puberty, it seems to be very unbalanced.
I had my last growth spurt around 16-17 and I am now about 6’1, showing no more signs of growing which is fine. I’m also lucky enough to have a deep and bassy voice.

However, one of the problems I have is having very little bodyhair. I do have genital pubic hair and it’s been pretty much full grown for a couple of years now, but my armpit hair is very sparse, and I have sparse leg hair which makes people think I shave them, which I do not. I also have hardly any facial hair. My body shape in general is lanky and narrow and I have a small torso but long and muscular legs. I have never suffered from acne, my skin is very smooth and also unblemished which actually makes girls jealous. Worst of all I have a very young looking face that looks like it belongs on a 13 year old boy. Yet my penis is fully developed and is significantly larger than average (you’ll have to take my word on that)

I just don’t know what to do, when I saw a doctor concerned about my hormones he sent me away within 2 minutes, because apparently boys with puberty issues are much shorter than me and have high voices. I guess he means the fact I have some characteristics of someone my age means my puberty is fine.

For me, it’s almost like all my testosterone got directed at making my voice deep and my dick large, though I know this is probably not how it works.

Is there a possibility I am deficient in T or some other hormone?

I don’t think this is genetic because my father looked his age when he was my age. Also my hips are not wide and I have never suffered from any gynecomastia. I have a fairly healthy diet and I also have been supplementing vitamin D3 for a few months.

I would really appreciate any advice from you guys, thanks


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Is your ring finger significantly longer than your index finger?

Do you get cold easily or easier now?
Have you been getting iodine from iodized salt to support thyroid hormone production?

Do you get morning wood or spontaneous erections during the day?
Is sexual performance OK?

Any differences in skin color on different parts of your body?

Lab results are important and if you post, we always need the lab ranges.

In most USA States, you can order your own lab work at a reasonable price, but you must pay out of pocket.

Where are you?

fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol


Thanks for your reply.

My ring finger and index finger are virtually identical in length.

I do get cold easily but have no way to judge what is normal.

I live in the UK and there isn’t iodized salt, though I drink about 500ml (18oz) of dairy milk daily.

I hardly ever get morning wood / spontaneous erections. I did when I was 15 or so though.

I can’t measure my sexual performance because I haven’t had a girlfriend for almost a year. I masturbate once every 3 days or so. I have used a sperm count self-test kit and it came out high, though it is obviously a crude method of testing.

My skin is all pretty much the same.

Because I live in the UK, I don’t have much choice over my blood test, though I have managed to get one in the coming week. The tests he has prescribed are as follows:

TFT (freeT4 & TSH)
U&E + eGFR
Testosterone (M)

And I must show up for the test between 8 and 9am.

What are your thoughts on this?

I will post results when I get them


Iodized salt can be found there …

Finger length ratio: Some of your descriptions made me curious. This does shed a little light on the situation. This probably has some bearing on your condition, but not know how.

You can eval your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is part of your body’s temperature control loop and feeling cold may be a strong clue. UK has iodine in milk, less so if organic, but that is not guaranteeing enough.

Would be good to test freeT3 if possible, but if body temps are good, may be no need.

Total T is what you are probably going to get, free testosterone is important too.

Those labs will be a good start.

If LH/FSH are lowish and T as well, then you should test estradiol and prolactin to see if they are causes.

There are several variations in that basket. Something that could be tested for. There may be other possibilities.

In considering such types of things I am wondering if your HPTA can be set right or if you will need TRT. TRT would complete your virilization. So you would then focus on reading the protocol for injection sticky to see what you need. NHS is a completely different reality. You would want to have your sperm analysed. If fertile, you need to fight to perserve that, otherwise not.