Could I Benefit from HGH at Replacement Doses

Hi everyone, Question for the community here. I am tagging a few that I think have some experience: @blshaw @swoops39 @highpull @TC_Luoma @loadtear .

This post will have some math / analysis I’ve done. If you see mistakes, please let me know.

So I’ve never had GH tested. IIRC, it is tricky to get lab tests due to the pulse release of GH. However, I’ve measured IGF-1 five times in the past. Increasing Testosterone levels has improved IGF-1, but not as much as I’d like (Perhaps indirectly by the increase in E2). Before Testosterone or HCG treatment, I was very close to the lower limit on IGF-1. My baseline for IGF-1 puts me in the 2.9 percentile. Moving FT past the normal ranges has gotten me to the 11.5 percentile. Here is the data from my 5 IGF-1 tests (which I included FT as well). Note that the last test was done at Quest with different ranges.

I am wondering if HGH in doses of 1-2 iu daily would be a benefit for me? I’ve heard those doses will not do much for someone with average or better IGF-1 levels. I don’t have those levels, but of course, I am a newb with HGH, and might be missing something (perhaps you need to be very deficient to notice benefits). I’ve heard effects of HGH injections in GH deficient adults can be substantial.

I’ve also looked up adult HGH deficiency. The symptoms are applicable to me, but I could also see that applying to most adults.

What do you all think? Is it silly to think I am deficient in HGH?

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My TRT IGF-1 looks a lot like yours. It was 134-150 before taking anything to increase it. I’ve used:

CJC/Ipa — No change in IGF-1, no change in how I felt.

Tesa/Ipa — IGF-1 to 300, big change in how I felt/looked. Hair/nails grew quick, looked “fuller” most of the time.


1iu — no change in IGF-1, no change in how I felt/looked
2iu — the same
4iu — didn’t measure IGF-1, but big change in how I looked. Much fuller, even on diet. Without lifting I looked “pumped” most of the time
6iu — didn’t measure IGF-1, RHR and BP up, 10 points for both, so I came off after a week. Not long enough to assess anything

IMO, there is maybe a long term health benefit to running 1-2iu with TRT. Kinda like taking a vitamin; you don’t feel anything, but you know it’s good for you. That kind of thing. I’d say if you want to feel the value, 4iu is the floor. Go as high as you can tolerate.

Curious how this goes for you. I have a bunch of HGH and itching to start it up again

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I’ve tried MK-677. My IGF-1 went down a few points haha.

I’d conclude that the Ipamorelin didn’t help you here, since it did not do anything in combination with with CJC. So for you Tesamorelin works. That is interesting. Do you get side effects like increased hunger on that? How much where you taking of the combo, and what portion was the Tesamorelin?

Depending on dosage, it might end up being more expensive for me than HGH though.

Did you have any issues with blood sugar, or insulin resistance at any of these dosages.

I’ve heard even things like improved sleep, which for me would be great. Improved mental cognition, and improvements in depression / anxiety have been found in research. These benefits are for HGH deficient adults, which I may not be. I may not have low enough levels to get those benefits? IDK.

The body comp stuff would be awesome as well. I seem to not do very well holding muscle cutting. I just get smaller (both muscle and fat). I also don’t bulk that well either. Just add muscle and fat (which happens to everyone, but my percentages just seem to suck). If replacement doses helped the percentages significantly, it would be a powerful PED for me. IDK if I have low enough levels to get those effects though, and I don’t think 1-2 IUs will do much of anything for someone who isn’t deficient (which I am unsure of my status).

I’ll also note that I believe that with these doses (1-2 iu per day), that most report it taking a long time to notice the effects. That is similar to my experience with TRT. It took 6 months to really have an improvement to my body / strength. Perhaps because I wasn’t using typical performance enhancing levels of Test.

Thanks for the in depth reply with your real world experiences!

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I was in the exact same position as you. My tests were almost exactly the same as yours. I started 2iu/night and my IGF1 went from 104ng/ml to 373ng/ml. I dropped dose down to 1.5iu/night and haven’t retested yet.

So… benefits? Hell yeah. Sleep is better, recovery is better, body fat is slightly lower without dietary changes, and muscle bellies appear fuller within days. No real muscle or strength gains at this dose but you do look bigger due to the fuller less flat look. It’s pricey but I’m happy with it.

Warning. Before I quit the UGL scene I tried generic HGH and it was nothing but problems for me. Also 4iu generic didn’t even raise my IGF1 as high as 2iu pharma. I only take what’s scripted now and I’m done blasting but HGH will remain part of my protocol. It’s just damn pricey.


Same lab ranges? I know quest and labcorp are a bit different.

I did figure out the cut off for what is considered deficient.

Which is 84 ng/mL.

I was thinking if I try HGH, this will be my start out dose.

I’ve heard this. I’ve also heard that some of that was very true 10-15 years ago, but most of the UGLs that are decent have figured HGH out. IDK what to believe.

I would be using UGL HGH. I’d pull IGF-1 towards the end of my run on HGH to see if it had much impact.

To me, an advantage on body composition is a huge advantage. If I could sit at 10% on HGH, but would be 12% without it, that is crazy to me. IDK if it’s that strong of an effect? It may not be directly building muscle, but if I can reduce the amount of time per year that I am cutting, that is more time to build. It also seems reported that much of the fat loss is on the stomach. My trouble area.

It’s funny I was cleaning out my med cabinet and thought I threw out all my old stuff and low behold just found about 200iu of high end UGL HGH. I still trashed it. I got bad swelling in fingers, rapid RHR, and bad anxiety from it. Almost panic attack levels. I tried several sources and their high end product. I’m not saying you will have the same but if you can afford Omnitrope I would go that route. About $2500 for three months at the 1.5iu/night.

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This makes me think if I go UGL, that I will titrate the dose up to 1.5 iu. I am thinking of this one as a long term add on, so if it takes a bit of time for me to get to 1.5 iu that is fine.

I suppose this is one of those things that really depends on disposable income. Could I do it, yes. Would I do it, no. If I made 3X what I do, sure thing. But that is 19X the cost of UGL for me (not exaggerating).

I’ll do a bit of digging to figure out what quality of product the UGLs are offering these days.

Were your blood tests fasted or non-fasted? Fasting tends to significantly decrease IGF-1, so I want to make sure you’re getting representative readings

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It is a mixed bag on that. Some were, and I specifically remember some I did not fast. I remember telling that to the person doing the draw at Labcorp. I don’t remember which ones specifically, but I can probably make a good guess at which weren’t by the lipid panel. I’ve highlighted which ones I believe were not fasted.

I highlighted these as the triglyceride levels were significantly higher than in the other lab tests. This is a guess TBH, but my baseline triglyceride level (first row) was 87 (range 0-149), and the second row which I don’t believe I fasted had a triglyceride level of 156 (same range). The second highlighted row (4th row in table) had triglycerides at 125 (same range). It is possible I did a partial fast on that one. The non-highlighted rows are in the 90s or low 100s, so I am assuming I fasted for those.

Okay, gotcha’. So yeah, they obviously look low, but I really have mixed feelings about taking GH based on IGF-1 levels. Testing varies widely. Here’s a paper I keep on file:


I’ve heard nothing but bad things about MK 677 lol

I’ve been really surprised at the articles I’ve been reading on here that HGH and various peptides are actually much more underwhelming than we think they are. I used to the GH was the holy grail.

You know I don’t have the slightest clue, but from what I’ve been reading on here, I’m not sure you’re going to be happy with the results, and then you’ve added another UGL chem to your body that could end up being tainted or something.

Too bad the TRT doc can’t sell it pharma grade.

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I would try to talk you out of it.

I usually discourage hGH because of the cost and you need supra physiological dosing to get the results most are looking to get. Most have been disappointed with it, but those that were happy were taking 2iu.

The results with secretagogue peptides have been varied and at each extreme.

I agree with those that say stay away from UGL sourcing.


I used UGL hGH for a while at up to 2iu a day, no obvious benefits except I think weight loss around my middle (which I’m prone to but may have been other smaller changes I made?)
I did get a lot of apparent sides from it so stopped.

I could afford to carry on and get “better quality” and do bloods but long term I would struggle financially. If I could feel some great benefit I would do it but for me when I’m “on” I want to feel something and I’m guessing the amounts I’d need to take I wouldn’t be able to handle.
I am thinking of trying MK677 again, I’ve used it a few times and had improvement in sleep quality and episodes of lucid dreaming so even if its not “turning my clock back” if I can stop dreaming about work and start dreaming about shagging that’s a plus for me.

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I’ve decided to hold off on HGH at least for now. Perhaps when I am older I’ll consider it again. I have a drive to find the missing link to why I am not in as good of shape (muscular / jacked) as I’d like. I need to keep things in perspective though. For my age (35), I am in good shape. I can still do the things I did in high school (at least I think so haha), and actually prefer my body right now to any other point in time.


No, no crazy hunger. No side effects that I remember. I’ve run this first time for a year, then second time for 6 months, but then my clinic lost access to the pharmacy, something like that. Or the pharmacy stopped making it. It was 1mg of Tesa and .3mg of Ipa each injection. 6 shots a week

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Yeah I’m the same. When i diet I look flat and small very quickly. The GH helped keep me fuller looking, didn’t see an increase in fat loss or anything tho. No BS issues

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