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Could a Groin Injury Impact Testosterone Production?

(30yr old male) In March 2019 had a adductor strain. This caused ache in the testicles for weeks until physio cleared it up. Since then recovery, energy, sleep, etc. have all diminished significantly. Doctor is taking blood work to determine if testosterone is a factor. In the past none of the symptoms of low T have expressed themselves and the groin injury is the only real change in recent years. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Probably a coincidence, unless the testies damaged there would be no reason to believe it slowed your t production. But the test results will tell you if you have low t, and treatment would work whether it was caused by the accident or just natural drop.

Yes a groin injury can affect testosterone production, my testicles hurt when I started TRT because the leydig cells are not receiving LH stimulation any longer which TRT suppresses. It felt like a slight tingle and itch/burning sensation on the testicles.

Blows to the head can also affect testosterone. The sleep and recovery issues are telltale signs of a testosterone deficiency and is what I would expect in someone complaining of low testosterone.

Low testosterone causes poor sleep and poor sleep causes low testosterone. You basically have to have testosterone levels at the geriatric level to get TRT, it will all depend on your insurance because most don’t cover TRT unless below 300 ng/dL which is at the 85-100 year old level.

Too bad we all don’t have a testosterone panel done in our early 20’s to be able to argue normal with the doctor when decades later we are told our levels are normal. You can always cut the insurance out of the loop and get TRT privately.

Systemlord is wrong. Unless your testicles or spermatic cords were injured at same time an adductor strain would not cause altered testicular function. The nerves that feed the testicles descend from the spermatic cords. The pudenal nerve that feeds most of the skin and pelvic floor in the area does not cross any of the adductors and would not be impinged. The nerve roots that feed the adductors are L4-5 and the penis and testicles are from the S2-4. Your testicles may have hurt from referral pain or the fact the that adductor tubercle the adductors attach to is near the area. I have a DPT and have seen male patients with sports hernias, none of them have ever reported this. Nor is it in any literature i have seen. You may have low t. But it is 100% a coincidence.


This ^.

It sounds like you’re saying that if the testicles and/or spermatic cords are damaged, then the low testosterone is the result of the injury.

Then how is my statement that damage to the testicles can cause low testosterone wrong?

The original poster specifically stated he had an adductor strain. An adductor strain did not cause his symptoms. I qualified it with unless there was a testicle injury at the same time. Which is especially unlikely. You are arguing semantics to be right. You are not.


Systemlord you specifically said a groin injury. An adductor strain is in fact a “groin injury”. A kick in the balls would also be. One would potentially damage the testicles the other would not. You told the original poster his injury could cause low t. . He might have low t, but an adductor strain did not cause it. If PT fixed his pain his testicle was not injured most likely.

Yes, this… an injury such as a crushed testicle or extremely hard kick to the balls (steel toed boots etc) can impact testicular production (if the testis/seminiferous tubules etc are damaged), induce primary hypogonadism.

PT initially fixed the “dull ache” but it returns intermittently usually later in the day. Thanks for all responses. This is interesting. Hopefully lab work will paint a clearer picture

In my own personal experience the dull ache is a lack of LH stimulation, in fact I’ve heard others describe a dull ache after starting TRT as their testicles are starting down the road to atrophy.

Buckmasterbill. By all means get your levels checked if you feel bad. But a dull ache in your testicles that is even temporarily relieved by PT would indicate an MSK issue. A systemic issue would not change with exercise, massage, etc. A proximal groin strain can cause testicular aching. I am certified in dry needling, trust me the adductors will refer pain to the testicles… strongly.


You are sure its not a sign of Vitamin C deficiency?


Some of the stuff you post on this forum makes you seem astoundingly incompetent to be giving advice to others


I wasn’t wrong in any of my statements about groin injury causing testosterone issues or about testicles aching do to lack of stimulation causing a dull ache, now I didnt know about adductors strains and am happy to learn from those more knowledgeable than I in this particular area.

If learning makes me incompetent I’ll gladly accept it and none of us are perfect, not even you. In my view everyone is incompetent to some degree.

You super imposed your situation on to the original poster. You diagnosed him with low t without either reading or having a clear understanding of his injury. You are not a medical professional in ANYWAY. It is fear provoking and potentially dangerous.

So please keep saying you were right cause a groin injury can cause low t… cause it can. But in THIS case it has not and you should read and understand just what you are saying before you say it. Its pretty obvious you can’t handle being wrong. If so you are dangerous to others and from what I have seen on the boards dangerous to yourself.


They you should’ve refrained from answering the guy’s question since you had no relevant information to offer.

Your unwillingness to learn from those offering advice about your diabetes would suggest otherwise: Diagnosed with Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes

That’s a phenomenally jaded, pessimistic, and, frankly, ignorant point of view. There are certainly people who are experts in their field whether or not you choose to acknowledge their expertise.


I’m well aware haha dry needling has become a friend of mine and you are appreciated for what you do it really is a game changer. I’m more concerned that it hasn’t cleared up in almost a year, that coupled with other symptoms and stressors caused me to dig into bloodwork.

MRI to make sure nothing has torn? A good orthopedic doctor that does PRP would be my suggestion.

Labs came back and T was extremely low. It was a midday blood test. Have some more needling and PT lined up and am going to begin improving diet where I can and add some supplements. Will retest blood in a few months and see if that improves. Doctor says I should just start the therapy and I would improve recovery issues.