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Could 5/3/1 be Incorporated into Calisthenics?



I was wondering if the 5/3/1 program could be used in conjunction with a calisthenics routine?

See, I’d like to be mobile and have functional fitness and be able to do handstands, planches, crucifix holds and such.

I know them movements take years to master but I better start now otherwise in 5 years time I’ll still be dreaming about it.

But, I’d also like to be strong in the 4 main movements.

Any tips?


Jim have already made a programming with such, in the 2nd edition book.
In my opinion, you should just pair the main movements of the day with BW movements, in place of assistance and supplemental.
Press + Handstands
Squat + Planches
Bench Press + Handstands
Deadlift + Crucifix holds


plus, i already asked a similar question half a year ago or so. use the search function