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Couch Surfing in Atlanta, GA



the army bought me civillian plane tickets leaving out of atl, GA. don't feel like leaving my car at the airport for 7 days and having to pay like 100 bucks for it. anyone interested in letting me leave my car at their place and giving me a ride to the airport?

will provide plenty of entertainment. also promise not to kill you.

plane ticket options are for either 8pm the night of the 5th (wed) or 8am the 6th (thrus) of this aug.

thanks guys!


how was mounted combat?


Is this a ploy to get an MMF going? I see your plan...


it'd probably be more successful if i told them that you were travling with me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

whoops, forgot to add that


dude holy shit, for a second i thought you were one of the NCO's from my lane, then i remembered that pic i put up, lol.

it went smooth as butter, especially since you've been working with me on my 'mount' position.


Hey Mac, have you been out and about in Atlanta?


yes, i have made atlanta my little bitch.

i've been at ft.mcclellan for that past month and some change. atl is about 1h45min away so been trying to get there as much as poss.


WTF? The army wont pay for parking?

Cheap bastards...


You just want to car jack me you freak....I see through your tricks Holy Mac!


Ever heard of Super Shuttle?


no you sonofabitch.

exactly my reason for making this thread.

do tell.


You just want to sit on my lap while I drive. Holy Mac says: "OOOH WEEE I'm drivin' noaw!"





Indeed, this is a way to go. If you don't want to do take this route and can't figure anyhting else out, Mac, I can help you out. Just be advised that I live in north Atlanta, which is probably more than a half hour from the airport.


^Hey me too which part? I am currently in school in another state though.


I guess you're talking to me. I live in north Sandy Springs, about 1 mile south of the Roswell border, right off of 400.


Haha I live in Sandy Springs too, I live off of trowbridge road between roswell and 400. Small world.


What the hell? Aren't you supposed to be fucking up a planet fitness somewhere right about now?


Where do you work out? Check your PM's, if you would.