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Cottonmouth When I Wake Up



For roughly the past 4-5 weeks ive consistenly woken up with bad ass cotton mouth - dry mouth. pretty much the same sort of dry mouth you would wake up with after a nights drinking.

I havn't drank in about 4 months so its not related to that.

What is causing this? I have tried upping my water intake but it just disrupts my sleep.

My first thoughts are that it is creatine.

I take about 8-10g of CEE a day. could this be it?

My supps for a normal day are:
20 fishoil
1 multi
8-10g CEE
10-20g BCAA
3-10g Beta analine.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.



I wake up like that everyday too. Pretty much associated with vigorous training in my opinion and obviously dehydration. Is it really bothering you that much? Put a glass of water next to your bed before you go to sleep.


i have a glass of water beside my bed.

but i am still getting up sometimes to piss in the night. and my piss is usually clear before bed. so i had kind of ruled out dehydration.



Are you on a lower carb diet right now? I've noticed it intensifies under those circumstances as well. The body doesn't hydrate as well without them, thus the name carboHYDRATE. When I've gone low carb this seems to be the case no matter how much water I drink, it just doesn't seem to absorb and Ill piss it out.


yea under 30 grams of carbs is the target at the minute.

but i had a week where i went off the diet and i still had cotton mouth... but i see your thinking behind the low carb reason.

its not bothering me or anything, i was just wondering if it meant anything, like i was deficient in something or having too much of x, y or z.



I had a spell of it about a year ago that so far as I could tell had no specific cause. No difference in supplementation, bb'ing drug use, or training was associated either with its onset or its eventual end.

I dealt with it by having a gallon jug of water by the bed and drinking vast amounts as needed on waking up momentarily (which unfortunately I do) during the night and early morning. This actually didn't fix the problem -- I still had a dry mouth -- but I would think had to have probably been a better situation than not getting the extra water. It sounds though as if that would not suit you.

I'm not saying there might not be a specific cause in your case that can be identified: definitely, if you can think of any change occurring at around the same time, or even starting say a month earlier, that would be worth looking into. My point just is that it also seems possible to occur for no identifiable reason, perhaps not any external cause at all.


AFAIK, it's nothing much to worry about.

I wake up similarly every day (and it's a real bitch with chapped lips, too, ouch,) but it's been consistant through different diets, vitamins, etc.


perhaps you are just breathing out of your mouth instead of your nose.


Dood yer defishint in anabolick eggs frm porto rico.


I thought the key is mangos from DR.


i have had suspected sleep aphnoe a while ago... i bought a memory foam pillow and my sleep improved. could it be related to this?



i thought it was being on a creatinz and no explode cycle.




this is possible.
I get cotton mouth sometimes.
I think its caused by breathing thru your mouth.


Same shit happens to me from time to time, but then again I live in hot ass Arizona.


Any prescription meds?


Salt, sodium, Mono-sodium Glutumate intake perhaps?
I always get a dry mouth during sleep when elevated levels of the above have been in my diet no matter how much water i flush through me.
Also, and i cant bring to mind the reason for asking this, but it rings a bell as related, how much fibre are you getting in you seeing as your on sub 30g carbs?


I only get this when the heating is on too high (or when drinking too much vodka the night before)...try get some ventilation going through your bedroom perhaps.


Have to quit hitting the bong before bed dood.


I used to get it. Humidifier helped me alot, so did brushing my teeth with soap instead of toothpaste. LOl yea make fun of me.