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Cotto vs. Margarito II


I have very mixed feelings about this fight. I would love to see Cotto get revenge for the 1st fight since it is highly likely that Margarito was using loaded handwraps in that fight, but I hate that Margarito is even allowed to fight. This will be the 2nd high profile fight since his suspension and between this and the Pacquiao fight, he is probably a millionaire.

I hate that this scumbag is profitting from being a cheater when he should have been banned for life. My other fear is that Cotto is not the same fighter that he once was and that Margarito wins and then tries to use it as "proof" that he wasn't cheating the first time. What are everyone's thought on the fight? Should Margarito even be allowed to fight? Who do you think will win and why?


No doubt that MArgarito should not be able to fight. He shouldn't be in a position to be making millions. And he sure as fuck should not be standing on that stage with a big fucking grin on his face. Hope Cotto retires him.

I don't wish harm on anyone who enters a boxing ring generally, and I am uncomfortable with a lot of the things David Haye, for example, has said to publicise his fights, But when it comes to Margarito, I hope he never fights again after Cotto batters him. I'd love to see Cotto make Margarito quit on his stool. That would be the ultimate retribution in my eyes, given Margarito's undeniable toughness.


I agree. I don't really wish any bad towards any fighter or really pull for one against the other, I just like watching a good fight. I feel after Cotto's loss to Margarito, Cotto is not the same fighter he used to be. But I think it will be interesting to see how this next fight plays out. When Margarito got caught cheating in his fight against Mosley, he lost to Mosley and that made his fighting skill come into question. Then he lost again to Pacquiao so it still leaves the question is Margarito able to beat Cotto (without cheating). As far as Margarito getting paid and not being banned from boxing I really don't know I have mixed feelings on that so I can't really say. I would like to see Cotto beat Margarito and maybe the sport of boxing will go back and take another look at Cotto's record and see if his defeat by Margarito is for real. I know that's a long shot, but I think the question is still out there can Margarito really beat Cotto.


Maragrito did not bother me until he and his stupid trainer went on You Tube and made fun of Freddie Roach's Parkinsons.

The guy is a low life piece of chicken shit. I hope Cotto fucks him up badly!

His wife is hot though


Really? This happened? That is a bit out of line.

Robert A


It wasn't on you tube it was on one of the 24/7 episodes
of Pac vs Margarito

I cant stand boxing for this shit now-
dirty fighting
and skank promoters


I do not see Cotto taking this, though it would make me very happy if he did.

Thank you, I will track it down.

Meh, gives us someone to root against.

Whoa, there. Is there a difference in the usage of skank in NYC and where I am? Round these parts it is sort of a "well worn" and "friendly" type of gal. 'Cause I make it a point never to disparage "friendly" women. To discourage such behavior would run counter to my interests. So a skank promoter is either promoting "friendly" women; or, even better, IS a friendly women who can comp me seats at a boxing match. What could be wrong with that?


Robert A

Vid of Margarito

Expert/Official New York Opinion


Real Quick Videos in case anyone forgot/did not see.

HL of Coto vs Margarito I

The man who caught the loaded wraps:


Robert A


First fight was a barnburner. Can't wait to see the second. All the controvery only makes me want to see it more. Where are my morals? I do not know.

And I'm stoked for this weekend. Get to see Martinez do his thing, Lee get a second chance, Nishioka, Marquez, Lopez... it's all good.

Martinez says he'll make 150 to fight either of the fighters who won't fight th'other. Any thoughts? I feel it is a step to far for a guy the size of a modern middle.


Watch Cotto vs Margarito live on Pay-Per-View (PPV) via Sportsbun beginning at 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT. The Cotto vs Margarito 2 is set in Madison Square Garden in New York on December 3rd at 7:00 PM after the New York State Athletic Commission granted Antonio Margarito a license to fight in the State of New York.



Well, as you might guess, I'm kind of pulling for Margarito. Due to stupid mistakes I've made in life I've been the pariah a couple times, the guy nobody wants to talk to or deal with, and I always identify more the underdog lowlife sort. Watching a guy redeem himself is important to me.

And then, of course, besides that, there's the fact that Cotto is not going to win. Styles make fights, and Cotto's style is all wrong. He doesn't have the power to keep Margo at bay, and he doesn't have the boxing skills and movement to be able to stay away from him all night.

Plus, with the way he holds his hands and leans forward, he makes himself the perfect target for the uppercut, which Margarito, with those long as arms, is very adept at.

Had Cotto trained with Manny Steward and kept doing so, I would say that maybe he accumulated enough boxing skills to be able to stay away. Having no idea who the dude that he's training with now is, my guess is he will revert to the same old Cotto - slow, methodical, and ultimately doomed against Margarito. I really like Cotto, but unless he comes out with a drastically different style or increased punching power, I see this fight going much the same as the first.

Look for the rican to win rounds in the first half before folding up and eventually getting KO'd.


I'm pulling for Cotto in this one. I didn't much like Margarito before all the hoopla about handwraps and I fucking despise him now. Watching old-ass Shane Mosley pounding the crap out of Margarito for 9 painful rounds is one of my favourite boxing moments.

Both fighters are past their best, but Margarito has not shown that he has anything left save for one of the best chins in boxing. I think Cotto walks away with the unanimous decision.

FI -
He's training with some Cuban guy now. Some of the training is featured on 24/7. Steward would have been a safer bet, for sure.


It's funny, going into the first fight I was 100% behind Margarito. He seemed to be the guy nobody wanted to fight and I was happy he finally got a big name fight. 3 years later and I am 100% against him. I have no doubt Margarito knew about the illegal wraps in the Mosley fight and it is not a big stretch to think that he may have used them against Cotto too. I still think Margarito is a dangerous fighter and could still win the fight. I worry that Cotto will be too emotional and come out wreckless instead of boxing Margarito.


Watch Live Miguel Angel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito Boxing online stream on 4 December 2011. The Cotto vs Margarito 2 is set in Madison Square Garden in New York on December 3rd at 7:00 PM after the New York State Athletic Commission granted Antonio Margarito a license to fight in the State of New York.





I didn't see it but I heard what happened. Smart and brutal gameplan by the Cotto team to go after that eye.

I'm glad he won. I do fear that Margarito's career may be over now.


Cotto fought a smart and good fight.

Margarito is always a slow starter- and looked a little flat the first 3 maybe 4 rounds
and after watching it- Its kind of obvious his punches in the second fight - nothing like
the punches in the first fight.

Kind of said it all for me there about hand wraps.
Sorry duds eye is likely jacked


Awesome job by Cotto. So glad he won.

Call me heartless if you like, but I hope Margarito's career is over. I hope that cheating fuck is never again in a position to make millions, despite losing. Is it so bad to wish a career stopping injury on a guy who couldn't give less of a shit that he may be doing serious harm and career ending injuries on his opponents by using loaded wraps?

Margarito is a scumbag.