Cotto Training Camp

Training with Manny Steward. Man looks good, great footwork, good movement… and damn if Manny Steward don’t look like an old man at ringside but like he’s 20 in the ring haha.

Glad Steward is working with him. I remember Steward said his footwork was atrocious at first.

Off topic: Irish what do you think of Coach Rick, if you ever heard of him. Got a ton of stuff on youtube, such as this:

Cottos lookin good. Hes gonna take mayorga out in whats going to be a top pick in 2011’s KOs of the year. unfortunately marg is next and i just dont see cotto winning, especially at 154. Id love cotto to prove me wrong and redeem his loss but Margs style might just be too much. Id much rather see cotto fight martinez, cintron, angulo, mayweather, kirkland. Cotto Margarito 2 will end one of those guys

Hopefully, it will end Margarito. After the bullshit from the first fight, I hope Cotto finds a way to castrate him.