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Tonight. Could be a good one.


Yes, it does. Clottey feels that Cotto is a broken fighter after what Margarito did to him. I love Cotto and see him winning late.


Cotto by decision in a fight w/ no knockdowns is my prediction. Clottey is just too good for this to be an easy win for Cotto.


[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
Tonight. Could be a good one. [/quote]

gotta be better than that pos ufc card i just watched


What a fight. Miguel is a warrior… I’ve seen this guy so many times splattered with his own blood all over him, and he just keeps on fighting. Guy is great.


I spaced and missed it, but I just watched it online. What crap. I agree Cotto fought bravely, but he lost. Clottey would have had to knock Cotto out to win, no matter what else he did. I also don’t understand how the referee and announcers could make excuses for that body slam and punch to the back of the head. There should have been a point deducted. I think round after round Clottey landed the more meaningful punches, had better defense, and pressed the action, while fighting on a bad leg, while Cotto circled away and held his face.