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Cottege Cheese?

Hi, having read several posts regarding cottege cheese, I was wondering what the best type is for a bodybuilder. Is it best to get the full fat version?

I usually buy Breakstone. It has 90 calories per half-cup serving. It is 90 calories whether you buy no fat or low fat. The only difference is the macro nutrient breakdown of fat and carbs as the protein stays consistant in both variations.
That said, fat free is preferred especially if you follow John Bernardi’s nutritional philsophy of not combining signifigant amounts of carbs and fats in the same meal.
Being that you can’t buy a carb free version, it’s probably best go 100% fat free. In any case definately not full fat.

edvizard, the full-fat version tastes better, fershure, but the answer to your question is that it probably doesn’t matter OR it just depends.

If you have a diet you’re following (whether you’re bulking or cutting) with specific numbers, it just boils down to hitting your numbers. I usually recommend .4g-.5g x LBM. You’re going to get some fat from the meat and dairy you eat, and you should also be taking in some monounsaturated fat (like olive oil) and polyunsaturated fat (like fish oil and flaxseed oil). The goal is to get as close to the number of fat grams that you decided on without going over. That’s what precision nutrition is all about. So if one day you have a juicy steak and some eggs, you may need to go with the low-fat version of your cottage cheese. Another day you may be running low on fat and you’d do better going with the higher fat/full-fat version.

So like I said above, it just depends. (grin)

Does that help?

Fat free for me. Get your fat from healthier (fish oil,nuts,etc.) sources.
Adding a little splenda makes it tolerable on the palate as well.

 I usually buy the Knudsen's Fat free cottage cheese, it has a good texture and tastes pretty good.
 I must say BodyIq makes a good point in adding some splenda to make it tolerable.
  I usually put a scoop of Low Carb Grow! to it also.
  This is usually my last meal before I hit the sack.

To save cash I know muscle back the “dry pressed” cottage cheese as it has like double the protein for the same price. Tastes like chalk dust but what can a person do?

After talking with Greg Ellis, PhD. and author of Ultimate Diet Secrets, I started eating 4% Cottage Cheese. It’s definately an acquired taste but some Chocolate Grow! sprinkled on top is pretty good. I usually eat it at night (see Bedtime Story by JB) or in the morning because it’s quick.

I don’t know about cottage cheese, but low fat dairy generally contains dry milk solids to give it some substance, otherwise it would be just water with ‘milk’ flavor. dry milk supposedly has oxidized cholesterol in it, due to the way it’s made. so, you’re adding a chemical to your diary you really don’t want to consume. only whole fat milk doesn’t contain dry milk (powdered milk, or milk solids etc.). i can’t say for sure if 2% milk does or not. you might be able to read the ingredients on the cottage cheese to see if this is listed. it’s NOT listed on your milk container because it’s an industry standard to add it and somehow isn’t required (i guess you can add “milk” to milk and it’s still milk, but it’s NOT healthy IMHO). up to you if you want your fat from cottage cheese or not, but dont forget if you don’t eat enough fat you can’t make T.

After speaking with some Joe on the street, also author of Spank Off Like a Pro, I decided to stop eating anything resembling cheese.

No, I’m just kidding. If you are going to drop some name action, how about telling us WHY you changed your eating habits?