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Cottage vs. Cheddar

The Lion has tried every recommendation and recipe in the book, guys…but I just can’t stomach the Cottage Cheese. Looking at nutritional information, Shredded Lowfat Cheddar MAY not be a bad (although I realize not ideal) substitute. Any imput from you guys would be appreciated. THANKS!

Try switching brands. Borden’s brand is so putrid that nothing can disguise it; the mere scent of it makes me nauseus. But some cheap generic cottage cheese I picked up from Randall’s has almost no taste at all, and mixing it with pineapple makes it taste pretty good.

if you are on a keto or whatever, cottage cheese (knudsens for me) and spray a bit of whipped cream on it. maybe add a little vanilla extract. good stuff.

Have you tried throwing it in a blender with about 1 1/2 tsp of sugar free jello and 2 cups of water?

I mix a tablespoon of jam or jelly in my cottage cheese. It makes it edible, and sugar free jams aren’t to bad in the carb catagory

I agree with Mike the Lib - there’s a huge variance between brands of cottage cheese. I’d say try all the brands you can find before you give up. The best I’ve found is the lowfat (not nonfat) Alta Dena stuff. Not only does it have almost no taste and a reassuringly firm texture, it also has far fewer weird ingredients (preservatives, stabilizers, etc.) than most cottage cheeses.

I’m with you Mufasa, I hate cottage cheese - all brands. The only way I can stomach it is to mix my yogurt in with it, then I can’t taste it at all, I just taste the yogurt. I hope this helps, I feel your pain :slight_smile:

I hate cottage cheese. I also eat at least five pounds of it a week. The trick is to blend it into a creamy pudding and add a scoop of Advanced protein. I provided some recipes in last week’s Reader Mail section.

I recently served this to a friend who “hates cottage cheese” and he never guessed that CC was the main ingredient. CC + AP = Yumm-y

PS- Started a bulking phase this week. Bought an extra two pounds of CC!

Lion King…you’re missing out big time, baby! When you say you can’t handle it, do you mean the taste or just that it doesn’t cooperate with your bod? If it’s simply taste, this suckahs a very versatile food and you can do it up in all sorts of different ways! The peeps at the supermarket think I’m nuts when I put six and seven cartons (24 oz) on the belt at a time, but it’s dayum good!

My man Shugs has definitely busted out some good recipes. If you do have Advanced Protein, you've GOT to try mixing the two together. (You could also just use a 1/3 pack of GROW or any other MRP if you've got those in stock). You can also stir in some Natty PB or some sugar-free Jell-0. I usually just stir it up and freeze it for a bit. You can also cook up some oats (Muesli kicks some ass too), then mix in CC and AP. You'll swear you're doing something bad.

On a side note, I had a killer butterscotch craving this weekend. To curb that mutha, I blended a cup of CC with a couple ice cubes and some water, then I dumped in about two scoops of AP and half a pack of sugar-free Jell-O pudding mix (butterscotch). That sumbitch was outta this world! But I'll be keeping that one in my back pocket for about once a week...

Christ almighty! Just eat it and quit killing pixels.

Hey…I don’t know how many of you guys are old enough to remember a comedy show called “Friday’s”, but there were two funny Ganja smoking guys from the islands. ANYWAY…this would be their take on Cottage Cheese: “Is it the TEXTURE?” (no,no,NO-no…,); “Is it the COLOR?” (no,no,NO-no…); IT’S THE TASTE! ('ya,'ya, 'YA-ya…)!!! Little 'Bro…it’s the taste! Hey…we all have a goal, and some things we just gotta do. Chris: Was the “Breakfast Pudding” the recipe you were talking about? I will absolutely try it. Timbo: The idea of using varying flavors of sugar-free jello is outstanding! I’m on it…Bodhi: I agree this is all just a TAD bit anal…but I gotta get this stuff down!!!..

OOppps…the “Ganja” post was from me…and THANKS for the input guys!

I was just wondering why some of you guys eat stuff you don’t like? can’t you sub something for it if your all anal about your diet? just a Q

Cottage cheese is the best food source for casein – there is nothing that can substitute for it. Besides, who eats for pleasure, anyway? Not me.

I personally love CC and often eat it without any accompanying ingredients…on a sidenote, the Lib-Daddy’s got a great point. Who eats for simply pleasure? All those fat arses who wonder why? I know I like my fuel to be pleasureable, but the sources I choose to put in my mouth are to fuel my body, my needs and my goals. You want pleasure? Go get y’ass some Ben & Jerry’s!

I eat cottage cheese like I eat pussy! LOL!

Who eats for pleasure??? Are you nuts? With very very few exceptions I’m not eating anything that tastes nasty. There are cook books all over the place that list the exact ‘stats’ for every recipe, so you can easily cook to meet your diet requirements. Why put nasty shit on your dinner plate when with a bit of work you can eat for pleasure as well as correct nutrition??? As for CC, if you have a local dairy you can get very fresh CC and it tastes a TON better than supermarket brands.

Timbo - Are you Herbert Kornfeld’s secret identity? If you don’t know what I mean, read his column at theonion.com :o)