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Cottage Cheese


I often see posts from those of you that are disgusted by cottage cheese. Well, I found a brand that tastes freaking awesome. It has a different taste and texture than any other cottage cheese I have tried, including Breakstone, Light 'n Lively, Pevely, and several other local brands.

All Natural
Cottage Cheese
(1% milkfat).

It almost tastes like ricotta cheese.

1/2 cup serving stats:

90 calories (10 from fat)
Total fat 1g (0.5g saturated, og trans)
Cholesterol 5mg
Sodium 360mg
Total carbs 3g (fiber 0g, sugars 3g)
Protein 16g

Damn good tasting!!!


Thank you brother Wookiee!


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This is a weird, but strangely enjoyable thread...



why didnt you post this in the nutrition section...


Or the "Sex and the furry animal" section?



What would happen if you didn't get your 1.5-2g of p per lb of bodyweight?

So, eat your damn cottage cheese!